Rotary Club

Rotary hears from 9/11 survivor

Activism idea; join your local Rotary Club, Toastmasters, etc. and give 9/11 Truth speeches.

Article oddities:

"Billy Forney was on the 85th floor of One World Trade Center on Sept. 11 when the first plane struck, with a force that swayed the tower. “At 8:48, in an instant, there was this immediate explosion ... white smoke whipping in and out,” said Forney to Rotarians and guests at last week’s Rotary Club of Humble Intercontinental luncheon."

> 9/11 Commission Report says WTC 1 was struck at 8:46a. This guy is specific about 8:48a; is he mistaken? Paper misquote? What did he say prior to this quote; was he referring to a separate explosion?

"Forney said that at about the 73rd floor, people were running back up, toward his group and the others making their way down."

> More evidence of illegally locked fire escape exits?

"At about the 65th floor, they saw a film of smoke on the ceiling, but they did not know the building was burning."