Route 27

Location Video Of Pentagon Streets And Highways

A big part of the Pentagon attack misconception is that "thousands" in the area would be able to see the entire event go down.
Nothing could be farther from the truth primarily due to the complex topography and also of course how fast it would happen. In fact there are very few areas at all where you would be able to see the alleged "impact" and most who would be able to see the plane at all would only see it for about a split second.

The flyover would be concealed by the massive fireball and smoke plume as it cranked and banked upriver disguised as normal flight traffic out of Reagan that you can see regularly in the area as well as in the following footage.

CIT brings you to all of the surrounding areas to show you what it looks like for real.

The following series of location shots are invaluable for people trying to get familiar with the area in order to understand how this deception was carried out.

CIT Jettin' Crosstown

Cruise down Columbia Pike to Route 27 northbound and then back south on Route 27 again.