two 9/11 Truth calls to the Stacy Taylor Morning Show in San Diego
Here's a clip from the 9/27/07 Stacy Taylor Morning Show aired on 1360 KLSD in San Diego. Stacy gets a call from "Diane" who suggested Stacy invite Richard Gage to speak about 9/11 on his show. He glosses over her suggestion, then attempts to tell a story about how Ghouliani was accosted by "Ron Paul Supporters" who harrassed the "Mayor of America" about his involvement in 9/11, but then interrupts himself with an odd tangent about Mackinaw island. I then get some airtime w/ Mr. Taylor where I tell him about the warning he told Peter Jennings he recieved that the towers were going to collapse. You can listen to Rudy yourself at this link:
I also remind him that Rudy broke the law when he destroyed the crime scene of 9/11 by removing the evidence before any real forensic investigation could take place.
Stacy asked for links. here are some more.

TulsaTruth Confronts Giuliani confronts Giuliani at Steak Stuffers in Tulsa on 9/14/07. Simple questions deserve simple answers but Giuliani can only ignore our presence.

Giuliani warned about World Trade Center collapse:

Fire Fighter Union warns against Giuliani ,the urban legend, and his lack of leadership:

Potholes filled with 9/11 remains:

Giuliani and the toxic dust: