sam seder

Sam Seder promotes "9/11 Guy" as winner of Daily Kos contest.

Not that I am surprised, but it does not sound like Sam Seder is very excited about promoting 9/11 Truth on Air America. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he cuts off "Robert" an obvious 9/11 Truther, before he gets his full thirty seconds in. Robert was slamming Rudy Giuliani for goodness sakes! Sam could have at least given him his full thirty seconds! Will he try and cut short too?

And why does Sam refer to the winner of the Kos Contest as the "9/11 Guy" instead of "9/11"? Does anyone else have a problem with that or am I just being too sensitive? Perhaps they want to draw as little attention as possible to the fact that won the Daily Kos contest.

Yeah... good luck with that!