San Diego 9/11 Meetup Group

"San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup" & "San Diegans For 9/11 Truth" 6th Anniversary Truth Action

"The San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup" joins forces with "San Diegans for 9/11 Truth" for the 6th anniversary "Truth Action". Between 80-100 people attended and the local media provided coverage for the 1st time. We even got a police escort for our candlelight march to the courthouse steps.

I realise that this video is a little on the long side (20 mins), but I promise it is worth the watch.

San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup Group's August 11th Visibility Action

We spent the night of the 10th putting our little signs up all over San Diego. Then we continued our visibility the rest of the day, starting off in downtown San Diego, in front of NBC studios. After two hours, we had a 5 block truth march around the Gaslamp Quarter while hundreds of tourists were eating lunch and walking around. The truthing continued at Balboa Park where we reached many people as well. The 11th was a huge success, and to make the weekend even better, our screening of Press for Truth that we hosted through went off without a hitch tonight! We reached tons of mainstream Democrats and Progressives with 9/11 Truth. I hope the visibility everywhere was as encouraging as ours.

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Abby Martin and Peter Holmes on Truth Revolution Radio

It was an honor and a great pleasure to host Abby Martin and Peter Holmes from the San Diego 9/11 Meetup Group on the July 20 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We talked about how the group got started and about their recent actions including outreach at a Padres game, demonstrating at a Giuliani fundraiser and confrontations with Congresswoman Susan Davis.

Truth Revolution Radio July 20 2007 MP3

San Diego 9/11 Meetup Group
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