San Francisco

Power to the Peaceful Concert , 09/12/09

Edit: Pictures of the event below.

Hello to all the A&E members and non-members out spreading the Good word.

Hundreds of regular folks got to view the 'Architects & Engineers 911 Project Booth' at the 'Power to the Peaceful' concert event,
on Saturday the 12th at the Golden Gate park in downtown San Francisco.
The Booth looked better than ever this time with the additions of a couple of new banners and improvements to the TV display-side.

Tania Torres , Scott Sheckman , Dana Carson , and Brian Good were helping me get people to drop into the Booth on a regular basis.
This event went on for 8 plus hours, and was the most successful outside Booth event we've been deployed at to date !

Carol Brouillet was right next door withe the " Northern California Truth Alliance " passing out Truth & Cookies.
And spreading the word about NYC-CAN petition drive , now with 80.000 plus signatures.

We sold over 30 abridged Blueprint for the Truth DVD's at 5 dollars, and gave away a few freebees, And passed out a mountain of information and literature.

West Coast Convergence

9/11 Truth for Peace: two days of action in San Francisco

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Photos by Mike Chickey, Scott Ford, John Han and Cosmos

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Millions of people around the world question the US Government's account of the event that "changed everything" and provided a permanent excuse for a global terror war and the destruction of our freedoms. Our voices are silenced by the established antiwar organizations and and even the so-called alternative media but we will be silenced no more. Join concerned citizens from Vancouver to San Diego as we converge in San Francisco for two days of action that are bound to make history!

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

West Coast Convergence in San Francisco May 10 + 11

Join activists from San Diego to Vancouver at the first ever West Coast Convergence in San Francisco on May 10 + 11 2008! We're making history and we want you to be a part of it!


Convergence discussion

Saturday May 10: Federal Building Demonstration and Mission Street March
Sunday May 11: Haight Street March and Golden Gate Park Outreach

Some of the groups participating:
We Are Change LA
We Are Change Seattle
San Diego 9/11 Truth
SF Truth Action
Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance
Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth
Sacramento 9/11 Truth
San Jose 9/11 Truth
Humboldt 9/11 Truth

...add yours!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law


Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law
Peace Mom warns of false flag terror as she prepares to take on sell-out Pelosi

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, the famous Peace Mom who recently expressed her intention to run against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, says there's a "distinct possibility" that America will be hit with another staged terror attack that will allow Bush to enact the martial law provisions he recently signed into law.

Sheehan spoke to The Alex Jones Show as she prepares to embark on a two week trek towards Washington to confront Pelosi.

Richard Gage Talk Covered in Bay Area Newspaper - Democract Club Members 'Protest' Against It

My mom and sister (Abby Martin, the heroic female who truth dosed congress woman Susan Davis and Jello Biafra) have recently been trying to spread 9/11 truth ideas to local Democratic meet up groups. For one of their movie nights we showed Martial Law and they were extremely receptive to it. So based on their reaction my Mother and other members in the group convinced the rest of the group to find a 9/11 truth expert to speak at one of their meetings. They found local expert Richard Gage. Surprisingly a reporter from the Danville Weekly came to see it also!

here is the article -

Democrats host speaker on collapse of towers
Architect says it's time to review scientific data on Sept. 11
by Natalie O'Neill

Most Americans expect over-the-top conspiracy theorists and extreme left wingers to call the 911 Commission Report a lie. But scientific-minded architects and engineers?

SF Truth Action Rocks Golden Gate Park

On March 11 2007, we observed 66 months of 9/11 treason and the second national day of action on the Eleventh with a demonstration at the entrance to Golden Gate park at the top of Haight Street in San Francisco. Our second action - like our first - was blessed with beautiful weather, a good turnout and a lot of support and encouragement from many of the people we encountered - a few of whom picked up signs and joined us.

By the end of the day thousands had seen our message, many had been engaged in discussion, we had given out flyers and cards and about 150 dvds and had a lot of fun. Next month we plan to demonstrate at City Hall, the Federal building and local mass media outlets.

Join us on April 11th with a 9/11 truth action in your town!