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Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark
February 25, 2009 -

“I am not asking for vengeance;
only that the truth should be made known
so that nobody in the future should have
to endure what I have endured.”

-- Binyam Mohamed
23 February 2009
former Guantanamo detainee

Editor’s Notes:

New efforts to resurrect 9/11 murder mystery By Jeff Ferrell

New efforts to resurrect 9/11 murder mystery

Posted: Jan 16, 2009 05:40 PM EST

Updated: Jan 16, 2009 06:26 PM EST

By Jeff Ferrell - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It's a whodunit that reads like a John Grisham thriller. It involves the poisoning death of a Shreveport dentist, writing a book critical of the FBI's response to claims of 9/11 hijackers living here a year before the attacks. Now comes renewed efforts to resurrect the case.

Seen from behind the statue of Lady Justice, it was perhaps a fitting metaphor for the very small march outside Shreveport's federal courthouse. Investigative journalist Sander Hicks became the one man who turned out, protesting the 15-months he's waited for the U.S. Justice Department to respond to his request to investigate the murder of Shreveport dentist Dr. David Graham.

Hicks blamed the low turnout at the courthouse Friday morning, January 16th, on scared friends and family. "They have said, 'if this could happen to David Graham, whoever killed him could kill us."

KSLA Shreveport TV audience - Sander Hicks and the Dr. David Graham story - 6pm Central

If you are in the Shreveport area, please tune in to KSLA and record the news tonight, beginning at 6pm. (Central)

Sander Hicks is looking for some assistance capturing and posting a news segment featuring him and the story of Dr. David Graham;

Please help out if you can, 1/16/2008 - 6pm CST - KSLA Shreveport.

Flyby News - Bush Insider Killed - Upside Down

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark
December 24, 2008 - Bush Insider Killed * Upside Down

"Fear and religion. Religion and fear.
The two are historically entwined. The catalysts
for most of the atrocities committed by man.
Fear of evil fuels religion, religion fuels hatred,
hatred fuels evil, and evil fuels fear among the masses.
It is a diabolical cycle, and we have played into the Devil's hand."

- Julius Gabriel

1) Dark Transition Phases – Will Justice See the Light?
- - Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed
- - Career Army Specialist sues Rumsfeld, Cheney
- - Entrapment? Five convicted in Ft. Dix plot
- - CBS News: Did Contractor Expose Troops To Toxin?
- - Brainwashing and UNESCO Global Education System
- - Semantic Trickery Will Continue Occupation of Iraq
- - McClellan: "Pres. Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame"
- - The Bush Family of Secrets -- The Bush Dynasty
- - Charlie Rose interview with Sean Penn
- - Design of WTC-7 - engineer malfunction?
2) Inaugurate Yourself tour with Sander Hicks
3) Leonard Peltier – Mumia – Lori – freedom calling
- - President-elect Barack Obama on Leonard Peltier

Betsy Metz Presents Able Danger - W/Speaker Sander Hicks - 12/18/2008

Betsy is continuing to show movies at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater. Tonight's show was "Able Danger" which is loosely based on author, and 9/11 Truth activist, Sander Hicks.

PRESS RELEASE: November 28, 2008 - Philadelphia Native Brings 9/11 Conspiracy Thriller ABLE DANGER Home . . .

P.S. Sander Hicks, publisher, author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle Blowers, and the Cover-up (, and cafe owner whose Brooklyn Vox Pop cafe plays a part in this film, will be speaking after the 9:11pm movie showing (in Wayne, PA on December 18th) upstairs at the Freehouse restaurant around the corner. All three showings in Wayne at 5pm, 7pm and 9:11pm will be FREE as always, but we gladly accept any donations that go 100% to John Feal's FealGood Foundation to benefit the sick and dying 9/11 first responders. (There will be a large clear glass "barrel" jar on the table of information outside the theater room for this purpose. Thanks!)

Any questions, please contact Betsy Metz @


Philadelphia Native Brings 9/11 Conspiracy Thriller ABLE DANGER Home After Theatrical Runs In New York and Los Angeles

Sander Hicks on DC's WPFW 89.3 FM on 09/11/08 Live from 12-1 pm

WPFW 89.3 FM DC Pictures, Images and Photos

Sander will be on WPFW 89.3 FM today, 9/11/08 if you can tune in, from 12-1 PM
LIVE in support of the DC Premiere of ABLE DANGER at Busboys and Poets:

Sander Hicks
Speaks about 9/11/01
in Washington, DC, on 9/11/08
at Busboys and Poets
14th and V Streets NW
6 PM to 11 PM

Hicks will introduce and speak after the DC Debut of "Able Danger" a stylish new cinema noir about the struggle for 9/11 truth. The film, although fictional, is loosely based on Hicks' book The Big Wedding, his work at his cafe Vox Pop, and his reporting for the New York Megaphone.

Hicks will speak about his original research into the 9/11 attacks, the pattern of Federal protection given to key 9/11 hijackers before 9/11, the Pentagon's suppressed Able Danger operation, and the FBI's involvement in the death of 9/11 researcher Dr. David Graham.

Sander Hicks: The “Mad Scientist” Ivins, and Other 9/11 Legends

By Sander Hicks

9/11 Blogger - 8.8.08

As the sun begins to set on the tyrannical Bush/Cheney Administration, a “culprit” for the anthrax attacks has been dropped on us. The government has produced the dead body of “mad scientist” Bruce Ivins, the way a smiling cat produces a mouse carcass. This new lone assassin story holds together quite well: as long as you look only at it, and not at any of the other grisly details about US government involvement in anthrax.

The biggest hole in the current news story is that we all are expected now to reverse seven years of thinking, and suddenly believe that the anthrax attacks had no connection to 9/11. They were the work of an American insider, a psycho killer inside the US Army’s Fort Detrick, the Maryland headquarters of tax-payer funded chemical warfare.

With all the blame on Ivins, the official story has contradicted itself.

For example, look at this:

Greens Nominate McKinney for President

Photo: Colin Young

An Original Report from Chicago
Greens Nominate McKinney for President
by Sander Hicks
July 12, 9:10 PM, Chicago, IL

The Green Party of the United States today nominated truth activist and seasoned politician Cynthia McKinney for U.S. President. In her 12 years in Congress, McKinney distinguished herself for questioning Donald Rumsfeld under oath about missing trillions at the Pentagon. She introduced articles of impeachment and asked questions about the 9/11 attacks, in 2002, when such skepticism was not tolerated from public figures.

McKinney's story includes many accomplishments as a legislator. She has been the conscience for a misguided nation. But the other half of her story is not what she has done, but what has been done to her. She took the blows of fierce reaction when the political establishment and corporate centrist media attacked her for violating the taboo that demanded silence about 9/11. In 2002, GOP strategists used a special "crossover" strategy to get their voters to vote in the Democratic primary for a fake Democrat substitute for McKinney. She came back in 2004. After introducing articles of impeachment and holding congressional hearings into 9/11, Capitol Police pretended not to recognize her, which sparked a confrontation with a frustrated McKinney. The media claimed she punched a cop. McKinney lost re-election in 2006.

Steve Alten on Air America 4.18.2008 & more endorsements

MP3 D/L:
(Please support Richard Greene by purchasing an Air America On Demand subscription if you can afford one. Leave comments for Greene here: )

From press release:

Tonight (Friday 4.18.2008) at 9:15 ET, AIR AMERICA host Richard Greene will have The SHELL GAME author Steve Alten as his guest, along with 9/11 activist Bill Douglas. This will be the first in a series of Air America programs on 9/11 truth, leading up to May's MONTH OF TRUTH series on Air America that will involve the first REAL DEBATES on 9/11 issues, featuring major 9/11 researchers/experts debating qualified counter arguers defending the official story.

This historic series is a result of 9/11 truth organizations uniting around a singular focused endeavor.

Live streams at Air America:

Check your local affiliate to see if 'Clout' is carried on your station:

Two more endorsements for the Week of Truth campaign below the fold from Steve Bhaerman and Sander Hicks.

Review of Able Danger - The Movie

Able Danger - The Movie

Paul Krik- Writer, Director, Producer, Editor of Able Danger

Review by Carol Brouillet April 8, 2008

I just finished watching it, but part of me wants to go back and see it again. The movie was so fast and rich that I feel like I missed something important and want to return to the beginning and look more closely at all the details, the pieces, to more fully understand what it was all about.

The New England Symposium on 9/11: Researchers & Family Members Speak Out - May 17th

The Monadnock Truth Alliance will be holding a 9/11 symposium on May 17th;

"The New England Symposium on 9/11: Family Members and Researchers
Speak Out" will be held on Saturday, May 17th at the Keene High
School Auditorium, from 9:30am to 6:00pm.
As of now we have commitments
from accomplished researchers Daniel Hopsicker, Sander Hicks and Canadian
Barrie Zwicker... from family member Bob McIlvaine, and even TV celebrity
Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me). Others remain unconfirmed as of now.
(Sunjata's role may be confined to a support role, depending on his filming schedule. -rep.)

Primarily, our group is seeking some manner of donation from the larger
community, with the myriad expenses that are incurred in offering such an
event. If you felt you could make a donation of even a small amount, this
would help us a great deal in the upcoming weeks.

Checks can be written to "The Monadnock 9/11 Truth Alliance",
and can be sent to:

George Corrette
PO Box 373
Marlow, NH 03456

Sander Hicks: "Attacked at Stanford!"

I was attacked by National Review online, just as I was speaking at Stanford Law School, about “Civil Rights in the Post-9/11 World.”

I spoke from the heart about my experiences publishing and writing on topics taboo to the American media establishment. I spoke about the police assault against me when I asked now-failed candidate Rudy Giuliani about the 9/11 anomalies. I talked about 9/11, and the FBI linked death of Dr. David Graham.

This is an interesting development. The NR critique is defamatory, and calls my argument “deranged.” But that’s a cheap shot, and it lacks gravitas. Critics of better moral character would take on my facts, not attack me personally...

...Yesterday, there was also an attack from Stanford neo-cons, who somehow hacked into the campus-wide list-serv, and spammed the entire campus with a protest against my speech. One of the neo-cons has now been suspended from being able to use Stanford list-servs...

Full article;

9/11 Truther to Speak at Stanford Law


Monday, February 11, 2008

9/11 Truther to Speak at Stanford Law [Stephen Spruiell]

From Stanford Law School, former NR associate editor Anthony Dick sends word that a group has invited a 9/11 truther to speak this afternoon:

The Civil Rights Civil Liberties Society has invited Sander Hicks to speak at the law school today, billing him as "a multimedia political activist committed to the preservation of civil liberties and civil rights for all Americans."

In fact, Mr. Hicks is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist committed to the proposition that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by the United States government, which is now murdering its citizens to cover up the truth. In his own words:

"The 9/11 commission was a coverup. . . . 9/11 was the product of a conspiracy — specifically a conspiracy between the CIA, Pakistani intelligence, and the so-called al-Qaeda organization, which is really most likely just a product of Pakistani intelligence and CIA intelligence."

Who Killed Dr. Graham?

Vox Pop Revolution!

Independent Media Catalyst and Founder of Vox Pop Tours West Coast Feb. 5-17

Sander Hicks to speak on:

  • The FBI murder of Dr. David Graham,
  • The Bush/Cheney 9/11 cover-up,
  • Confronting Rudy Giuliani,
  • and how Vox Pop, Hicks' Fair Trade coffee house, helps save the world!

Who Killed Dr. Graham?

A 9/11 truth-seeker has died from foul play, and this time, the FBI is involved.
Sander Hicks’ research in Shreveport, LA, has sparked coverage in many independent media outlets. The Graham death is the cutting edge of the 9/11 research, proving protection (or control) of the 9/11 “hijackers” by Pentagon, CIA and FBI.