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Sarah Palin on Fox says she thought Iraq was behind 9/11

By Andy Barr | 1/12/10 9:31 PM EST
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In her debut as a contributor to Fox News, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin admitted Tuesday that leading up to her 2008 vice presidential debate she thought Iraq may have been behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Sarah Palin believed Saddam was behind 9/11, says new book

Book 'Game Change' portrays Sarah Palin as unstable ignoramus who believed Saddam was behind 9/11
BY Helen Kennedy
Monday, January 11th 2010, 4:33 AM

The gossipy new campaign book that has the political world buzzing portrays Sarah Palin not just as an ignoramus who believed Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 but also as possibly mentally unstable.

"Game Change," the 2008 deconstruction, says the stress of vaulting onto the national stage caused Palin to have wild mood swings.

"One minute, Palin would be her perky self; the next she would fall into a strange blue funk," the authors write.

The morning of her ill-fated CBS interview with Katie Couric, Palin - "her eyes glassy and dead" - was unresponsive to attempts to prep her as she was being made up.

"As they were about to set off to meet Couric, Palin announced 'I hate this makeup' - smearing it off her face, messing up her hair, complaining she looked fat," the book relates.

Oil, 9/11, and Global Warming

This recent article by Jerry Mazza, published by Online Journal, links to 911blogger covering this timely and important subject. Although Alex Jones has people yelling 'Al Gore is a fraud' so strongly, they neglect the coup d'etat that ousted him from being elected US President, which enabled George Bush to oversee the 9/11 coup, and following wars, now supported by the Obama deception. The reality of the false flag 9/11 attacks and global warming has to do with real science, not conspiracy theories. Thanks to Jerry Mazza and Craig Hill for making this more clear.

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One man’s look at the global warming horizon
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 21, 2009

WeAreChangeLA infiltrates Sarah Palin's Kool-Aid Convention
On October 4, 2008, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin made an appearance in Southern California. Stewart Howe, of WeAreChangeLA, was on hand to bring the message of 9/11 truth peacefully to the event.

Mad Dog Palin By Matt Taibbi,, AlterNet

I know how Taibbi is viewed in the 9/11 truth movement . . . but setting that aside for a moment, this is pretty funny, pathetically funny. I have faith he'll come around to 9/11 truth one day . . . it may take a lot of Palin-like moments, but it'll happen.

Mad Dog Palin
By Matt Taibbi,

Posted on September 27, 2008, Printed on September 29, 2008

I'm standing outside the XCEL ENERGY CENTER in St. Paul Minnesota Sarah Palin has just finished her speech to the Republican National Convention, accepting the party's nomination for vice president. If I hadn't quit my two-packs-a-day habit earlier this year, I'd be chain-smoking now. So the only thing left is to stand mute against the fit-for-a-cheap-dog-kennel crowd-control fencing you see everywhere at these idiotic conventions and gnaw on weird new feelings of shock and anarchist rage as one would a rawhide chew toy.