sarcastic call for action

270 degrees weakens steel: Call for action

Architects and engineers take notice. In lieu of the following video testimony I call on the experts to find a more suitable material than steel in the manufacture of major household appliances such as stoves and furnaces. I have warned my wife about the issue and she has agreed to be very careful when using our existing stove not to exceed the 270-degree weakening point, the result of which could make pizza take a very long time to cook. I call upon the experts in metallurgy in the 911-truth community to please expedite plans immediately for an alternative material to use in the production of these household appliances. I am not too familiar with the weakening points of other metals and so I make my plea for help from the experts. I am no expert on steel properties as such but I will offer my services in manufacturing tools for prototype and production when the time comes. We owe it to the world to help keep them safe from these obviously dangerous items. I for one feel fortunate that our stove hasn’t already melted all over the kitchen and will immediately alert the manufacturer to make them aware of the obvious design flaw.