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German 2007 bombing-plans carried out by the CIA?

9/11 for the USA or 7/7 for the UK are probably the most known false-flag operations at the moment. Little people know that false-flag operations are going on all over the world blaiming the muslim society. In Germany, this is probably the "Sauerland Bombers"-Event, that was "luckily" prevented by some authorities.

The official story tells that a group of islamic terrorists tried to carry out a mass-murder event in Germany just like 9/11. For this, they are said to have produced dozends of bombs for blowing up several major german cities, mainly to target US citizens. According to Johannes Schmalzl, director of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (you could also call it "homeland security" because that's exactly its purpose), the mastermind behind these terrible planings is Yehia Yousif. All of this story has been reinforced by the german mass media at the beginning of the months with a lot of headlines - and an "official" trial against the caught islamic terrorists is about to begin.

Now, the last week offered new insights in this attack. Here are just two things to think about: