Islamic Republic News Agency : “9/11 was a state-sponsored inside job, likely involving the CIA, Pentagon and Israel's Mossad..

London, Sep 5, IRNA – American author and blogger Stephen Lendman says that the events of 9/11 was a “state-sponsored inside job” that drastically changed the world for the worse.

“Post-9/11, the world changed dramatically because of how the Bush administration used that event to wage war on humanity,” Lendman said.
“Included was attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, neither country having anything to do with the attack and Washington, of course, knew it,” he told IRNA ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 8/11 attacks in the US.

The atrocity, was used to “wage war on Islam, vilifying and persecuting Muslims for political advantage,” said the author, who has written extensively about dozens of falsely accused and imprisoned victims. All of whom, he says are “entirely innocent of all charges.”

In an interview with IRNA, he said that the events were also used domestically by the US to impose “a series of repressive police state laws, presidential directives and other measures.
The measures also included “illegal surveillance and much more, making America no fit place to live in. Under Obama, it's even worse,” Lendman said.

9/11, Anthrax, SCAD - Graeme MacQueen & Laurie Manwell on WFHB

Graeme MacQueen and Laurie Manwell discuss their talks given on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the Buskirk Chumley Theater in Bloomington, Indiana on WFHB radio.

The Fictional Basis For The War On Terror by Dr. Graeme MacQueen
The Psychological Implications of 9/11 by Laurie Manwell

Peace Through Truth - 9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy
presented by the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington

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SCAD: State Crimes Against Democracy petition:


Prof. Griffin Requests Focus on WTC 7 (SCAD) Running up to the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11!

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SCAD: State Crimes Against Democracy

Conclusion and Proposal of Prof. Griffin's Paper "Building What? How SCADs Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight"

Through these and related means, the truth about the collapse of WTC 7 has been effectively hidden, even though it has existed in plain sight all these years. Even the bare fact of the collapse itself has been so effectively hidden that in 2006 over 40 percent of the American public did not know about it, and in 2009 a judge in New York City, upon hearing a reference to Building 7, asked: “Building what?”

9/11 on

It's encouraging to see that Lew Rockwell is beginning to address 9/11 forthrightly.

State Crimes Against Democracy by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff

New research in the journal American Behavioral Scientist (Sage publications, February 2010) addresses the concept of “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD). …

SCAD Article by Elizabeth Woodworth on Op Ed News and on COTO Report Now

The article by Elizabeth Woodworth on State Crimes Against Democracy and The February 2010 issue of the American Behavioral Scientist is now on Op Ed News. I have reproduced the text of the article in this post for those who are new to the conversation, but comments would be best left on the referenced sites, if you are so inclined. Again, please note that the whole journal issue may be purchased for $24. Our cause might be better served by supporting the publishers. From Elizabeth Woodworth I have this:

"It's now confirmed that the February edition is available in print, and can be ordered for $24 for the whole issue.

Contact SAGE Journals Customer Service department via e-mail at or phone 1-800-818-7243 then hit #2, then #0 for operator, then ask for "Journals", and they will mail a copy.

Otherwise individual papers cost $25 to be viewed for one day, on the journal's website, and cannot be downloaded from it. (Because the pdf could be freely circulated if it were downloadable)."

Entire February 2010 Issue of the American Behavioral Scientist Devoted to State Crimes Against Democracy: The Case of 9/11/2001

By Elizabeth Woodworth, Professional Librarian

For 50 years the American Behavioral Scientist has been a leading source of behavioral research for the academic world. Its influence is shown by the fact that it is indexed by an extraordinary 67 major database services, causing its papers to be widely exposed on the international scene.

The publisher, Sage, is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in London, New Delhi, Singapore, and Washington DC.

Each issue offers comprehensive analysis of a single topic.

The six papers in the February 2010 issue are devoted to the recent concept of "State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD's)," with emphasis on 9/11 and on how human behavior has failed to recognize its reality. [Ref. ]

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