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Steven E. Jones And James Fetzer Exchange

Here is the initial posting to by Jim Fetzer (response from Dr. Jones is below)...
An Open Letter about Steven Jones

by James H. Fetzer
19 November 2006

Friends and Colleagues:

When I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I invited Steve Jones to serve as co-chair. He has responsibility for co-editing our journal, which he originally founded with Judy Wood as co-editor and me as managing editor, and runs our members' forum, while I maintain our web site at He is now planning to take control of the web site from me.

I have raised objections on moral, legal and intellectual grounds and I am categorically opposed to it. But he appears to be persisting in what might be described as a "hostile take over" to control Scholars. Because this is going on behind the scenes and you would otherwise be unaware of this scheme, I am publishing this open letter on

Scholars for Truth

In light of Jim Fetzer's open letter to Steven Jones and the obvious diversionary/disruptive tactics of Morgan Reynolds and Judy Woods, it seems worthwhile to recall some early criticism of Scholars for Truth

The idea of Scholars For 9/11 Truth is a very powerful one, given the respect people give to credentialed individuals. Since November of 2005, Steven Jones has made tremendous progress in getting people to seriously consider the possibility that the World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed by controlled demolition, largely because of his qualifications as a professor of physics. Sadly, Scholars For 9/11 Truth might not have its intended effect of building on Jones' work. Instead it is likely to have the effect of discrediting it by associating it with junk science, such as that used to promote the no-planes theories. Because of the visibility of the flawed website, this seems probable despite the good intentions and excellent credentials of many of the group's members.

Proposal for Revitalization & Reconstruction of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Journal of 9/11 Studies

Following is a full, unedited copy of the “S911T & J911S Revitalization & Reconstruction Proposal” that Steve Jones, Jim Fetzer, Morgan Reynolds & Judy Wood asked me to prepare after Morgan & Judy’s resignations from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth.  (Editing Exception: Formatting & contact information has been edited.)

After this blog is posted, I will post Steve & Jim’s response to this proposal.  However, after some negotiation, the parties ultimately rejected the following Proposal, and none of the contained sub-proposals have been implemented (or at least, not fully).

Power Struggle over Scholar's Website -

Well the view from the outside seems to indicate the Space Beam interview Fetzer had with Judy Woods has not gone without incident.

An Open Letter About Steven Jones

Jim Fetzer, Phd

19 November 2006

Friends and Colleagues:

When I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I invited Steve Jones to serve as co-chair. He has responsibility for co-editing our journal, which he originally founded with Judy Wood as co-editor and me as managing editor, and runs our members' forum, while I maintain our web site at He is now planning to take control of the web site from me.

I have raised objections on moral, legal and intellectual grounds and I am categorically opposed to it. But he appears to be persisting in what might be described as a "hostile take over" to control Scholars. Because this is going on behind the scenes and you would otherwise be unaware of this scheme, I am publishing this open letter on

Review: 911 and American Empire

A book review at

911 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
Edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott
Olive Branch Press, 2006
Paperback, 247 pages, $18

Contributing Writer

The eleven essays which comprise this urgent work are penned by reputable scholars and scientists. It would perhaps be comforting if these erudite individuals could be written off as crackpots and alarmists, but given their impressive academic credentials, that would be impossible. With meticulous care, Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, and the nine other learned contributors collectively build an unsettling yet cogent argument: that elements of our own government were complicit in the horrific atrocity of 9/11.

Itching to implement their designs for the military and economic domination of the planet — as well as of outer space — bellicose neocons of the Bush administration yearned for a “new Pearl Harbor” that would stun the American citizenry and open the door for an audacious and unprecedented global power grab. The conflagration of 9/11 proved to be an effective catalyst for the realization of rapacious neocon desires. And it may very well have been an elaborate “false flag” operation.


MUJCA News: Kevin Barrett's speech at UWO

(NOTE: This is a copy-and-paste of a portion of the recent MUJCA newsletter)

9/11 Truth Takes Oshkosh!

Below is an abridged version of the text of Kevin Barrett’s talk at the
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh on 10/26/06.

Thank you for coming out tonight and supporting free speech and
academic freedom. I would like to thank the Oshkosh Campus Greens for
inviting me here tonight. And I would like to thank Steve Nass, Mark
Green, and the Wisconsin Republican Party, without whose ongoing
barrage of free publicity none of this would have been possible.

The Green party folks, unlike the Republicans, seem to know what
they’re doing. 9/11 skepticism offers an unprecedented opportunity for
third parties, who have been locked out of our system for too long.
9/11 was the most important historical event of the century. Yet polls
show that the American people, and the people of the world, simply do
not believe the government’s version of that event. A recent New York
Times poll showed that only 16% of the American people believe the
official story, meaning that 84% do not.
And a 2004 poll by Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, showed
that nearly two out of three Canadians believe that top U.S. officials
committed high treason and conspiracy to mass murder on 9/11; while an
August, 2004 Zogby poll showed that half of New Yorkers believe the
same thing. A recent Scripps-Howard poll showed that 36% of Americans
believe that top US officials either perpetrated or allowed the 9/11
attacks in order to launch a war in the Middle East and Central Asia.
That 36% represents more Americans than voted for George W. Bush in the
last election, even if we believe the un-auditable figures of the
Diebold voting machines.


Colorado Events Draw Local Media Attention

The weekend events sponsored by Colorado 9-11 Visibility and, featuring 3 members of Scholars for 9-11 Truth Dr. Steven E. Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Kevin Barret were are great success on many levels. One was the more than usual media coverage. The front page headline of the Denver post, Monday, October 30, reads, Backers hail 9/11 theorist's speech - Physicist believes explosives were in Trade Center - A growing conspiracy has embraced Steven E. Jones, who spoke at DU on Saturday. Addtionally, the Boulder Daily Camera from the same day reads, Panelists raise doubts over 9/11 Speakers at CU say government deceiving citizens. More to come on this event including photos.

Steven E. Jones Debates Leslie E. Robertson

In the lead up to the weekend events in Denver and Boulder Colorado, Steven E. Jones debates one of the structural engineers for the World Trade Center, Leslie E. Robertson on KGNU, Boulder Colorado.

I am trying to get this audio to upload but not having success. Will figure it out later.

[dz: inserting comment] - audio now available here

Thanks DZ!


Due to the heavy snow, KGNU's transmission tower was down this morning when this interview was occurring, so Denver could not receive it. This interesting discussion will be aired tomorrow, Friday, October 27th, at 4:00pm.

You may also go online to hear it:; then choose "listings," then look for the morning magazine for today, October 26 and then the time of 8:30am - 9:00am.

Here is the original message:
Sam Fuqua with KGNU will be interviewing Steven Jones, internationally renowned physicist, on his show this Thursday morning, October 26th at 8:35 AM via telephone.

Has FOX Become an Attack Dog to Silence Critics of Bush Administration, Asks Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth has put out a new press release:

Television commentators compare 9/11 truth-seekers to terrorists. The 9/11 experts reject the comparison.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) October 23, 2006 --- Has the Fox television broadcasting network become an attack dog to silence critics of the Bush administration? A group of American citizens called Scholars for 9/11 Truth says yes. They charge that commentators on the Fox network, already known for its conservative bias, have maliciously compared the 9/11 scholars to terrorists and suggested that the FBI follow their members 24 hours a day, thereby contradicting the network’s motto of being "fair and balanced".

"The Fox News Network has gone to war with Scholars for 9/11 Truth," founder and co-chair James Fetzer said. "FOX has used ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and ‘Hannity & Colmes’ as attack dogs against 9/11 truth-seekers. These broadcasters charge that we have supplied ‘material support’ for terrorists, which paves the way for us to be classified as ‘enemy combatants.’ That means that our members can be arrested and held indefinitely with no charges simply for questioning the government. That smacks of unAmericanism."

"If it can happen to us, it can happen to anyone," Fetzer said. "The situation is fraught with ironies", he added. "The President himself has admitted that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. The FBI has acknowledged that it has ‘no hard evidence’ relating Osama to 9/11. But if neither Saddam nor Osama had anything to do with 9/11, then who was responsible? That’s the question that we are trying to answer. Fox treats us as terrorists for wanting to know. There’s nothing ‘fair and balanced’ about these attacks."

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Today's Features on Lionel

Looks like Lionel is discussing 9/11 on tonight's show, which airs from 10 PM until 1 AM EST. Here is a list of Today's Features:

FBI 10 Most Wanted: Osama Bin Laden
Why isn't bin Laden listed as being wanted in connection with 9/11? Does the FBI know something we don't?
Click here.

9/11 News Articles
There have been references to many key questions about 9/11 investigations and facts that have been almost subterranean. Until now. This is amazing.
Click here.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth
This site provides an exhaustive compendium of articles, hypotheses and theories anent 9/11 that you won't see or read in the mainstream media. Why?
Click here.

There is also a poll you can vote on:

Do you believe the official accounts of what actually happened on 9/11?

Vote here:

A physicist's lucid PopMech debunk..

"As the fires blazed and the temperatures rose within the buildings, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) believes, the remaining core columns (those not severed by the planes during impact) softened and buckled, transferring most of the load to the building's outer structural columns. The floors . . . began to sag from the heat, pulling those columns inward and adding to the burden on the outer columns."

Debunking: For anyone who as actually watched the WTC video's carefully, you will note that the south tower was struck near the corner, almost insuring it sustained NO damage to the central core columns. It also had by far the largest fireball produced, indicating a substantially larger portion of the fuel was burned in the initial impact and for the most part outside the building. Oddly, it was the south tower which fell first after burning for only 55 minutes, and at a point when the fires had greatly diminished.

In addition, as given by Kevin Ryan who was responsible for the thermal testing of the WTC Steel when it was certified, the samples tested for the WTC were certified to withstand a temperature of 2,000 deg for 6 hours without failing their rated load characteristics. And that is without insulation. The WTC beams were insulated. Jet fuel burns at only 1200-1300 degrees with an ideal oxygen mixture, something not indicated by the black smoke that issued from the fires. There was nothing contained within the buildings that could have raised this figure, and those that use the example of ancient furnaces that tempered steel as a argument, again, do not understand the principles involved. I suggest that if you want the truth, and wish to actually act like a journalist for a change, you broach this subject with a real expert, Mr. Ryan. I can put you in touch with him upon request.

9/11 And American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out - 9/25/2006, Berkeley CA

My sincere apologies to everyone, but I have been asked to remove this recording. It will be available again soon in a much higher quality format. I am sorry, but I apparently was in error in believing that I could post this freely. Please do not re-link the MP3 here, if you already downloaded it. Thanks for your understanding, and be assured that a much better version will be available soon!


9/11 & American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out
(Book here)

A KPFA original event gathering scholars who confront the unspeakable:

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN - Professor Of Philosophy and Theology, Emeritus, Claremont Graduate University. He is the author or editor of some 30 books, including The New Pearl Harbor, Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 (2004), The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions (2005) and Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action (2006)

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James H. Fetzer
Founder and Co-Chair
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

BYU's 'Conspiracy' Professor Getting New Support

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY - It’s a local story – with ties to September 11th – that won’t go away.

Now, a BYU professor who believes a conspiracy was involved in the terror attacks on America is getting support from fellow scholars.

Physicist Steven Jones was put on administrative leave last week, because BYU officials were worried that his conspiracy beliefs are tarnishing the university’s image. The school also expressed concern over his research methods.

Jones believes that the hijacked airliners that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were not enough to topple the towers by themselves. He says the resulting fire simply did not burn hot enough to cause the structural damage necessary for the buildings to collapse.

Many have criticized Jones for his theory, but now an academic group is stepping forward to offer support.

A local chapter of the American Association of University Professors is criticizing BYU for its actions, saying that it restricts academic _expression of thought.

“The way that our institutions are supposed to work is, to raise questions,” said AAUP local founder Larry Anderson. “Let everybody else attack if they must.”

“This will help the information about his case get out to other people who are interested in academic freedom,” he added.

In response, BYU issued a statement saying that it “did not make its decision based on external pressure.”

Jones’ conspiracy theory is still generating some interest on the internet, among both supporters and critics – including Popular Mechanics, which says it can discredit any conspiracy theory.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Address Recent Backlash

SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH ASSAILED - Members and movement attacked from several directions

Madison, WI (PRWEB) September 9, 2006 --- Three professors who are members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth have been threatened with the loss of their positions for their research and teaching about the events of 9/11. Other attacks are coming from national magazines, such as TIME and U.S. NEWS, which have cover-stories this week suggesting that those who believe 9/11 involved a conspiracy may need psychological counseling. In addition, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Popular Mechanics have published pieces intended to bolster the official account of 9/11.
“According to the government, 9/11 is ‘the pivotal event of the 21st century,’ which changed everything”, he observed. “So it obviously deserves to be studied. College and universities are the institutions that undertake the study of significant historical events. The very idea that faculty should not be studying the events of 9/11 verges on the absurd,” he remarked. “And since the official account-that the events of 9/11 involved 19 Islamic fundamentalists hijacking four commercial airliners and perpetrating terrorist acts under control of a man in a cave in Afghanistan-involves a conspiracy, it is impossible to study 9/11 without dealing with conspiracy theories.”

Follow the link for the full press release