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New activist group seeks "Change"...and members

Chris Cockrell

Your government is lying to you.

Or so claims the Salt Lake Community College chapter of We Are Change Utah, a new activist group dedicated to exposing what they believe to be the real truth behind the September 11 terrorist attacks. Falling under the broad category of the 9/11 Truth movement, WACUT contends that The 9/11 Commission Report's findings do not sufficiently explain the events of September 11, and that an exceptional amount of contradictory evidence demands an independent investigation of the tragedy.

"9/11 is an important issue and we do want a new investigation into 9/11," says Eddie Mock, 24, SLCC political science major and founder of the college's chapter of We Are Change. "9/11 is a big part, in my mind, because it's caused so many extra effects that didn't be to be in place and there's overwhelming evidence to suggest that there's something we missed."