The Science of September 11

Movie Trailer - The Science of September 11

A decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Ground Zero has been swept
clean, a memorial has been established, and new towers are rising
where the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings once stood.

Something else is rising: the voices of scientists, architects and
engineers who say the official story of the destruction of the World
Trade Center does not fit with eye witness testimony and the laws of
physics. They contend the government agency in charge of the
investigation ignored critical, explosive evidence found at the crime

A new film, The Science of September 11, encapsulates their arguments
and highlights shocking evidence that is officially unexplained.

The trailer and film are available on You Tube.

The editors say over 1500 architects and engineers are putting their
credibility on the line by confronting the National Institute of
Standards and Technology (NIST) and demanding an independent

The documentary is a compilation of previously released videos