Scott McClellan

WeAreChangeLA confronts Scott McClellan

Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel ask Whitehouse Press Secretary Scott McClellan about 9-11 and the Constitution. McClellan pretends to not have heard of PNAC and Building 7.

Unfortunately for McClellan, treason is not that easy to hide from.

Video footage shot by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Stewart Howe. Editing by Joel Bevaqua.

Ask Scott McClellan critical 9/11 Questions on his Book Tour! Hear his House Hearing testimony on No Lies Radio.
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House Judiciary Hearing with former White House Press Secretary McClellan.
He was with the White House on 9/11 and could know more than he is telling right now!

Listen to his testimony. Prepare well.
Then ask him critical 9/11 questions on his upcoming Book Tour!
Like when did Cheney enter the bunker?

Scott McClellan BOOK TOUR DATES:

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What Should Happen? A Truth Commission for Bush By Mark Green

Source: Air America Newsletter received via email today.

("The way to deter the 'culture of deception' in McClellan's subtitle is a combination of voters, lawyers, prosecutors and a Truth Commission -- to vote against it, sue it, prosecute it, or expose it . . . . "

Maybe a Truth Commission will segue into the 9/11 Truth Commission as more and more gets exposed . . . . It's going to happen. Betsy)

What Should Happen? A Truth Commission for Bush

By Mark Green

Scott McClellan's book What Happened has been a feast for cable talk shows and commentators everywhere, with much discussion veering off on his motives. The Bush Team went into overdrive with its smear gear. Disgruntled? Money grubbing? Out of the loop? Off his rocker? A Manchurian author controlled by his North-Korean-like publisher? In a laughable attempt to blame the radar gun for the speeder, apologists Michele Bernard and Michael Smerconish actually argued on MSNBC that the big story was whether McClellan wrote the book in order to defeat McCain.

Bush Replays Iraq Games on Iran By Ray McGovern June 1, 2008

Bush Replays Iraq Games on Iran

By Ray McGovern -
June 1, 2008

Stop! Please. Get beneath the hype over former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s book, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. Don’t miss forest for trees.

Not since John Dean told the truth about President Richard Nixon’s crimes have we had an account by a very close aide to a sitting president charging him with crimes of the most serious kind.

McClellan writes that George W. Bush abandoned “candor and honesty” to wage a “political campaign” that led the nation into an “unnecessary war.”

The chief U.S. prosecutor of senior Nazi officials at the post-World War II Nuremberg Trials, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, labeled such action – more correctly termed a war of aggression – the “supreme international crime.”

In other words, President Bush used propaganda and deception to lead the United States into what an earlier generation of American leaders judged not just a war crime, but the “supreme” war crime.

Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT! (But "there was something good in what McClellan did")

Comments from Rob Kall at

Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT!

after putting down my dog Vanilla, on Friday, I wrote an article about it, and feeling in a forgiving mood, spoke kindly about Scott McClellan. I decided to write more about it today, especially after reading right winger Peggy Noonan, in yesterday's Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, who says,

"When I finished the book I came out not admiring Mr. McClellan or liking him but, in terms of the larger arguments, believing him. One hopes more people who work or worked within the Bush White House will address the book's themes and interpretations. What he says may be inconvenient, and it may be painful, but that's not what matters. What matters is if it's true. Let the debate on the issues commence.

What's needed now? More memoirs, more data, more information, more testimony. More serious books..."

And I got to thinking and wrote, on Friday that there was something good in what McClellan did. Some readers agreed with me. So today, after seeing him on Meet The Press, with Tim Russert, I thought I'd write a bit more about it. After a few paragraphs, in which I was moving toward calling McClellan a whistleblower-- not a clean one, but a stinky one who, nonetheless was doing some good, I decided to ask one of my whistleblowing heroes-- Sibel Edmonds. Fortunately, she straightened me out, making it clear that he made money and really didn't disclose anything new. We ended up having a half hour conversation.

Sibel told me she absolutely did NOT see him as a whistle blower, based on the entire community of whistle blowers she's involved with-- the National Security whistleblowers coalition. She told me,

"We call these people opportunists, because that's exactly what he is. "

Cult of Deception By MAUREEN DOWD

June 1, 2008

Cult of Deception


They say that every president gets the psychoanalyst he deserves. And every Hamlet gets his Rosencrantz.

So now comes Scott McClellan, once the most loyal of the Texas Bushies, to reveal “What Happened,” as the title of his book promises, to turn W. from a genial, humble, bipartisan good ol’ boy to a delusional, disconnected, arrogant, ideological flop.

Although his analytical skills are extremely limited, the former White House press secretary — Secret Service code name Matrix — takes a stab at illuminating Junior’s bumpy and improbable boomerang journey from family black sheep and famous screw-up back to family black sheep and famous screw-up.

How did W. start out wanting to restore honor and dignity to the White House and end up scraping all the honor and dignity off the White House?

It turns out that our president is a one-man refutation of Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller “Blink,” about the value of trusting your gut.

Every gut instinct he had was wildly off the mark and hideously damaging to all concerned.

McClellan and the Media 'Enablers' By Jeff Cohen

(I absolutely believe it is better late than never. Yes, McClellan should have stood up sooner, but at least he's the first to so publicly come out now, and not hide behind coded, read-between-the-lines comments of past Bush White House insiders . . . It's not an insignificant gesture . . . Many others had the opportunity, like Colin Powell, but they were cowardly, fearful or had misplaced loyalty and did not stand up . . . As far as the media's concerned, of course we all know the pressure came from the top on down. If we had a truly free press, we would not be where we are today. Betsy)

McClellan and the Media 'Enablers'

By Jeff Cohen
May 31, 2008

Editor’s Note: Scott McClellan’s new book may be welcome in that it corroborates many claims from George W. Bush’s critics. But it’s still galling that so many prominent journalists who bowed before Bush’s bullying in 2002-03 have only seen their careers flourish.
In this guest essay, media critic Jeff Cohen revisits the journalistic cowardice before the Iraq invasion even though many media stars would prefer Americans not remember:

Ex-Press Aide Writes That Bush Misled U.S. on Iraq By Michael D. Shear

This story (and Scott McClellan's book) should make our jobs a little easier . . . I wonder how many Americans will still believe that McClellan et al. didn't REALLY know what was going down in the White House?

McClellan's fooling himself (as) much the same way as Bush does (believes his own spin and propaganda) if he wants the reader to believe that "he and his subordinates were not 'employing out-and-out deception' to make their case for war in 2002".

Plausible denial, willful ignorance . . . (At least this book is a step in the right direction.)

The GWBush Administration will be remembered in history as a particular time when integrity and character were MIA in the extreme (and perhaps this will help reveal the truth behind 9/11) . . . . As one bumper sticker reads, "At least Nixon had the decency to resign."

Will anyone connected to the GWBush White House ever stand up and do the right thing? Matthews Band w/ Robert Randolph "Stand Up"