One Of the Most Trusted and Visited Medical Websites Discusses 911 Truth

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One-Third of Americans Believe the U.S. Government Allowed 9/11 to Happen


According to a poll conducted by Scripps News Service, a full one-third of Americans think that the U.S. government either carried out the 9/11 attacks themselves, or intentionally allowed them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East.

The government's pattern of deception on such issues as weapons of mass destruction, secret prisons, and illegal wiretapping has allowed alternate theories about 9/11 to flourish.

The theories are mostly promoted by the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. The movement has grown in response to the Internet-distributed documentary "Loose Change," which purports to debunk the official story of 9/11. "Loose Change" has now been watched by millions of viewers.