Sean Muniz

Student protesters say truth about 9/11 still not out


Student protesters say truth about 9/11 still not out

By Ryan Hutchins, Special to the Times Union

Last updated: 12:31 a.m., Tuesday, June 12, 2007

COLONIE - A small group of protesters from the University at Albany gathered, bullhorn in hand, in front of the Times Union building Monday afternoon, shouting that the truth behind Sept. 11 has never come out.

``The (9/11) Commission never really investigated it,'' organizer and UAlbany student Sean Muniz said.

Muniz's organization, a "loosely" associated chapter of, is a recognized club at UAlbany and even receives $250 per semester from the school's Student Association. The organization has been around since October 2006 at UAlbany and has 25 active members.

``This is something we're just starting to do,'' Muniz said of the protest. The protesters did not have a permit and Muniz said they did not need one because they were on a public sidewalk, at the corner of Wolf Road and Albany-Shaker Road.