September 11th 2001 (9/11)

Remembering the victims of the 9-11 Cover-up


The idea that people involved in exposing the 9-11 coverup have met suspicious deaths has long fuelled paranoia among members of the 9-11 Truth Movement. This article is a tentative list of many such high profile suspicious deaths. The most well known among them are those of FBI's Bin Laden Investigator, Patrick O'Neill (who met his death in the twin towers) and Senator Paul Wellstone (who died in a plane crash). Along with people who have died, the article also covers many cases of people who had their careers cut short for drawing attention to the possibility that 9-11 may have been an inside job. The most notable among such cases is that of FBI translator Sibel Edmonds and that of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen. There are many lessons to be learnt for potential whistleblowers. For example, some people in the list endangered their lives by trying to approach courts and authorities, when they should have been leaking their information to the media.