Grand Lake Theatre 9/11 Truth Film Festival A Huge Success!

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Our two-day 9/11 Film Festival and Speakers Event at the historic Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, California, began early Monday afternoon, September 10th, and culminated Tuesday evening, September 11th, with a standing room only crowd in the main auditorium which seats 630 people, and was a wild success by any standard.

Jeanette McKinley, an artist living across the street from ground zero on September 11th, who provided dust samples to Dr. Steven Jones and architect Richard Gage, gave two presentations.

There were two sneak previews of a new independent film, The Reflecting Pool, with in-person presentations both days by the three Los Angeles producers, stars and cinematographer: Jarek Kupsc, Joseph Culp and Jodie Baltazar. The Reflecting Pool is a dramatic film, not a documentary, and does a superb job of dramatizing a very complex and difficult subject. The Reflecting Pool will premiere on November 3rd at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Visit www.reflectingpoolfilm.com.