Sharing 911 Information

Lacking Wikipedia entry to refute Debunking 911 Myths...

Wiki has no article on Dr. Griffin's schoarly book Debunking 911 Debunking, yet it has a thorough entry for Debunking 911 Myths. This is a problem. Can someone model an appropriate Wikipedia entry on the insipid: and provide Dr. Griffin's work the coverage it deserves (i.e. moreso than the Pop Mechs crap!) ??

I tried to create an entry but it did not make it past the copyright sensors perhaps because of my links to

I wanted this link because the Wiki entry for Loose Change FC seemed slanted badly against truth, and after editing it back into shape (done) I wanted to provide a link to a Wiki article on Dr. Griffin's book but there is not yet such an article. I have no further time to complete this project.

Sharing Info & Patience

This is just a little blurb about my personal experience in sharing 911 truth information with others. I just recently received a batch of 911 Press for Truth and 911 Mysteries DVD's from DHS which I will be showing at house parties and also giving away. Many thanks, DHS, for this invaluable service.

 While awaiting my DVD's, I left a copy of Loose Change at my friend Zeke's house. Zeke is one of these people who is extremely hyper-sensitive about world events, so I really didn't think he would ever watch it, because he gets really, really upset about this kind of stuff and thus tries to insulate himself in order to function and maintain emotional stability. He told me when I left it that he didn't think he could handle watching it. However, he and his roommate have lots of friends coming in and out of their house and I just said something like, "Hey, you don't have to watch it. I'm just leaving it here for anyone who would like to see it." I also wrote my name and number on the DVD cover in case anyone had any questions.

 So anyway, I'm walking with his roommate one night while a group of us were on the way to a concert, and his roommate says, "Hey, I watched your crazy conspiracy DVD. That was really interesting!" I let the "crazy" comment go since I feel my personal mission is to share the information, let people come to their own conclusions and if they have any questions, I am happy to share what I know. I just responded that I was glad he watched it and left it at that.