Shell Game Iran

The Shell Game. What do the Iranians think about the book ?

John Mitchell
Herblay France

bonjour ,

have just finished the "Shell Game". Great book and it could be a good tool to wake up America and the world to the real dangers of death hanging over our heads.

Has anyone put on the web the "Shell Game" text ready to be translated into any language ?

I looked up google with "six years, Mr. Futrell?" taken from page 29 and found the excerpt put up by STEVE ALTEN,+Mr.+Futrell%3F%22&hl=fr...

This is a good start but not enough. We need the whole book internet downloadable in China , Japon , Russia , ... IRAN !

Has Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received and read the Shell Game ? Or at least one of his advisors? Does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know that the book exists?

Jon Gold is there not a way with the help of the Iranian Embassy to organise an interview of Iran's President via an internet linked web cam. To have his opinion on the Shell Game book as he and the Iran are completely concerned in this story and in real life too !