The Shell Game & Week of Truth - A crirtical view

The Shell Game & Week of Truth - A crirtical view

This is Julian from TruthMove. Many weeks ago I was offered an advanced copy of "The Shell Game." I had heard it was good talking to a prominent member of the movement whom I respect.

That got me looking into the author. What I found out did not make me very enthusiastic, and I expressed those concerns. My biggest concern at the time was this:

So I asked for a copy of the book and read it cover to cover. After having read the book I was at first somewhat charmed by reading fiction that dealt with many of the themes I am so close to. However, after a week of thinking more about it, I came to realize that I had many problems with the book. I offered a review of the book and had an interesting discussion about it here:

Then a few weeks later I received an e-mail message that Steve Alten sent out asking for support. The message contained many inaccurate, misleading, and even false statements. I expressed my concerns here: