Sidewalk Chalk

We Are Change UK - Chalk (new site)

Members of We Are Change UK went to Parliament Square armed with boxes of chalk. Despite being in the SOCPA zone no applications were submitted and no arrests were made.

Permanent Markers, Sidewalk Chalk, and Fun.

In regards to 9/11 Truth our childhood passion and fascination with Permanent Markers and Sidewalk Chalk is best not to give up.

I'd like to see a 9/11 slogan and resource in every public restroom, including Port-a-Potties, across the country.
Along every bikepath or public walkway (preferably under a bridge or another rain protected area)

A slogan & resource that I've seen and liked is:

9/11 = an inside job
Look into it
Google "WTC7"

That should make for a fun summer of a little childhood fun with some risk involved. Enjoy the activism :)

I've also seen some well placed stickers out there, but I haven't found a source for buying good 9/11 related stickers in bulk.
If you know of any please include them in the comment section. Thanks..