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New Team Members at 911blogger

(Originally posted: 2009-05-02 13:07:08 +0000)

Please welcome aboard two site users that many of you are familiar with, if you are a regular user of this site;

jkeogh and Orangutan.

Orangutan and jkeogh will help edit the site, and for the time being, Orangutan will be taking the lead on comment moderation, assisted by jkeogh. I will be taking a back seat on comment moderation, to focus more on the review of content for the site.

So please bear with us as we try on different hats, and we'll try to make the rest of your flight comfortable.

Please visit (and if you can afford it) support our new blogad sponsor - (Berkey Light sales) is running a test ad on the site to sell Berkey Light water filtration systems.

Please at least visit the website via the blogads link in the blogads column on the left-hand side, and give directive21 some click-thru traffic. If you can afford it, consider purchasing a system to show support for this website.

Blogads keep the hosting for this site paid for. None of the mods (reprehensor, jkeogh, Orangutan.) are paid for their volunteer efforts here. To date, none of our advertisers have made demands about content on the site.

This has allowed us to not ask for donations for the site for nearly 2 years.

If you would like to make a contribution to the site, consider placing a blogad for a product or website you like, and want to share with users. The rates are very reasonable, you can review them here;

Explorer doesn't work worth a crap on this site, and it never has.

Trouble logging in? Ditch Internet Explorer and D/L Firefox or Opera or even Apple's Safari (They make a PC version of Safari now, too.).

Also, there is a site glitch when accessing the "search" page. If you get the "Access denied" message, relax, scroll down and make sure you are still logged in. This is a cross-browser Drupal glitch, and there is no patch to fix it, AFAIK.

Content not loading.

Hello everybody, I'm aware that content is not loading for anybody not logged in.

Working on it...

New sponsor.

Dear site users, please take a moment to check out the website of a new sponsor, Mesothelioma Data .com. (Click on their ad in the "blogads" section to your left.)

This may be a very useful resource for some 1st responders that you know, so please them know about the ad. The site is a for-profit affair, but there are also links to free information about Mesothelioma, and ways of fighting it.


Minor Changes at - search function and ad sponsors

Registered users will be pleased to note that the internal search engine has been resurrected at, and can be accessed through the "search" tab up top. The google search link has been disabled, and users are encouraged to use the Lycos search engine, which doesn't seem to have a problem indexing the site.

When using the site search engine, simply type your search terms(s) into the data field, like so;

ramzi yousef decoding bojinka

The simple search runs faster than the "advanced search", so use it whenever possible.

When using Lycos, precede your search terms with "" (minus the quotes) and then type in your search terms, like so; ramzi yousef decoding bojinka

The results still won't match perfectly (the internal search engine is more accurate). Once you get to 911blogger, start hitting the blue taxonomy terms underneath the author/dateline for more related results.

Also, the "google ads" sidebar has been removed. It has been an eyesore for a long time, and slowed down the load time of the front page. To make up for the lost revenue, 911blogger will be seeking more sponsorship for the site server costs via "blogads". If you are a user who wants to keep the site alive, and you know of a product or web site that you would like to endorse, whip up a jpeg ad, and submit it here. - - World Can't Wait - all offline on Jan. 20, 2009

For approximately 16 hours, was offline, starting yesterday at 5:30pm Central Time. This was preceded by World Can't Wait going offline for several hours, and for a few hours as well.

It could very well be a coincidence that two 9/11 sites got knocked out yesterday, and a strong anti-war, anti-imperialist foreign policy site got knocked off to boot. All three sites had server-specific issues, but it is not known at this time if exactly the same issue affected all three sites.

Either way, site users should back up their blog entries, and have a redundant personal blog set up under a different URL. Co-publish here, and at your personal blog, that way, you will always have a copy.

On Disinformation and Damaging Associations

Nearly seven years out from 9/11, and disinformation remains a persistent problem within the 9/11 Truth movement. Part of the problem has been that sites like have been slow to label blatant disinformation as such. Back in April, I noted that certain topics would no longer be tolerated here. In the interim, two of these topics were introduced in a U.S. District Court in New York, setting a poor benchmark for future 9/11 Truth-related cases in New York. It's now time for a firmer, (and admittedly glaringly late), stance on Fakery, DEW, and "SBHT" syndrome, here at 911blogger.

To start, let's skip back to 9/11/2001;

"So did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"An airplane hit the World Trade Center this morning."

"What kind? You mean, a little plane?"

"I don't know, just 'a plane'. It was on the radio."

Immediately, something didn't seem quite right. I thought that it could have been a small commuter plane, but not a jumbo, not with contemporary guidance and radar systems. No way. However, before long, the radio was delivering the news of a second plane strike. Definitely a big jet.

This was an attack.

Aircraft struck the twin towers. It's very likely that they were Boeings, and it's also probable* that they were the very Boeings that the media reported as "hijacks". It seems absurd to have to say these things, but the fact of the matter is, there is a disinformation campaign afoot, largely confined to a handful of sites and YouTube, to trick people into thinking that "no planes" hit the Towers, that the objects that hit the Towers were cloaked in holograms, or were holographs, and that digital alterations were made to broadcast footage on the fly, on 9/11.

If this were the case, then there would be no video or photographs in existence that are basically anomaly free, depicting the 2nd aircraft hitting the other WTC tower, but this is not the case;

It's just not the case.

IE Explorer... 'Operation Aborted' error. probably linked to our Sitemeter tool down on the the bottom left.

I had to switch the damn thing off in March for most of the month because the page wasn't loading at all for a bunch of folks.

Here is the fix for the latest error;

1. Open menu item: Tools...Options
2. Click "Security" tab
3. Select "Restricted Sites"
4. Click "Sites" button
5. Under "Add this website to this zone", enter "*" without the quotes
6. Click "Add" button
7. Close windows using "Close" or "OK", not "Cancel".

Here is the better fix; or

If you must continue using Exploder, clean out yer cookies... frequently.

Responding to Libel.

This is the description currently posted for the 911blogger feed at a site known as wtcdemolition(dot)com;

It's not true. This is called libel. The description of the blog feed may change, it certainly has before. Here is a previous example;

The perps will be outed. By investigations, and proofs. LIHOP and MIHOP labels really are proving to be more divisive than useful as time goes on.

Stating that Lorie Van Auken's husband was "allegedly killed when the north tower was demolished" is disgusting. Insinuating that her grief is not legitimate, and that Jon Gold is a "fake truther" is a pathetic grasp at straws. Yet, this is fair game at wtcdemoliton;

Blog Voting Disabled

Blog voting is disabled until further notice.

Comments should be used in place of an anonymous vote for now.

Editorial Direction at

(EDIT: Please see bottom of post for update. -rep.)

Dear users,

I am going to be acting as an Editor for the site for the next few months and possibly longer. As a result, content on the site is going to reflect decisions that I make, that are informed by my monitoring of the ebb and flow of 9/11 news and information.

Log-In Problem

A couple of users have written in with Log-In problems.

From what I have seen, the problem seems to be centered around Windows Internet Explorer.

Try downloading a different browser like Firefox, or Opera.

This seems to take of the problem.

Sock Puppets

It should be obvious to anyone with any sense of blog or messageboard etiquette that registering multiple user IDs to prop up your own arguments is not acceptable here, or anywhere else.

stallion4 and other users here have suggested that some people are effectively sock-puppeting for the Shell Game. I'm going to review the IP logs, and multiple users from a single IP will be blocked.


CYA - Manually back-up your blogs.

Constitutional911 brought up a point that I've been meaning to bring up for ages, but never got around to it.

No website is invincible. Users who have invested a lot of time and effort into their blogs here should manually back up what they have posted, in case of a malicious hack.

There is a nominal back-up, but this website makes no guarantees that everything will come back 100%. You are responsible for the preservation of your blog entries.

Users are encouraged to copy and paste their blog entries (that they want to preserve) including URLs, and save the data to a CD or other permanent media storage.

(For further redundancy, set up an independent blog at or, and mirror your blog entries.)