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Niels Harrit named in regard to swedish "Malmö Shooter"

Lately there was an arrest in Sweden of an alleged shooter or sniper who is suspicious to have killed someone. This man lived some time in the US, and, the swedish newspaper Expressen claims:

På nätet visade han också intresse för den danske forskaren Niels Harrit,
som hävdar att flera ton högteknologiska sprängmedel användes för att rasera
World Trade Center-skraporna.

English translation:
On the net, he showed also interest in the Danish scientist Niels Harrit, who claim that several tonnes of high-tech explosives used to bring down the World Trade Center skyscrapers.

Not the first time for such a smear attempt, but certainly for Harrit.

The Media Smear Campaign Has Begun

The Media Smear Campaign Has Begun

The great enemy of the republic, the media, has struck again. “BUSH BASHER SMASHES DISABLED TEEN” is the headline from today’s April 24, 2008 New York Post Article: in which Germin (Gary) Talis is slandered by reporter Philip Messing. “BDS Outbreak: Anti-war nut attacks wheelchair-bound girl” is the heading from Neo-con cheerleader Michelle Malkin.

BBC hit piece - already exposed!

BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Begins

BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Continues

Both articles are worth reading.
IMO this is good news. My fear about the BBC hit piece and its effects disappeared.

It will only create more questions, more truthers,
more anger, and an overwhelming negative response to the BBC...

Ok I think there could be something going on here!

I just came across this site and I feel that this flurry of anti-Semitic smears against 9/11 truth might be starting to go beyond a coincidence;

I don't want to directly encourage people to check the site out and give it hits so I'm posting its banner and text here;

Jews Did WTC.

The morning of September 11th, 2001 americans woke up in their beds, made their breakfast, and got ready to go to work, a regular scheduled day. The bright sun slowly rose overhead as children turned on morning cartoon as their parents began their commute to work. No one knew of the massacre that Jews would commit only a few hours later.