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Splitting-the-Sky on the Road to Truth Network 4, today, Monday 3/17, 4-6 pm CT

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Splitting-the-Sky, a.k.a., John Boncore, will be my guest to day on Dynamic Duo. He's driving across the West Coast right now but has promised to stop and find a phone... Josh Harvey of Snowshoe Films will also be calling in to report on the Winter Soldier action in DC this weekend:

Splitting-the-Sky is one of the most interesting and dynamic personalities to recently join the 9/11 truth movement. As a young man, he was made the main scapegoat for the Attica prison rebellion, nearly was sent to death row, and emerged a folk hero, only to be demonized by Rudy Giuliani in a Willie Horton style campaign ad. He's now an up-and-coming actor -- last summer he was making a film with Peter Coyote, and reported that everybody he talked to associated with the production knew that 9/11 was an inside job.


“Well the information which has been public for many months is that the attorney general decided not to fly commercially based on some assessments of existing threat level” - Hillary Clinton, June 8 2002

"How dare" Bill dismiss the idea of a new investigation based on his wife's own statements! If this "threat level" was sufficient enough for Ashcroft to be warned, what about the ordinary citizens who boarded the planes and were in the Towers and Pentagon?

Video: Zelikow Confronted August 9th, Chatauqua, NY

In "Philip Zelikow's Parallel Universe" Paul Zarembka and Snowshoe Films grill Zelikow on the still-living hijackers and WTC-7 until he turns tail and flees. He can run but he can't hide!

This from Paul Zarembka:

The video of the questioning of Philip Zelikow, August 9, 2007,
Chautauqua Institute, New York (7 min.) is available at

A prior Part I is available at

Paul Z.

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