Social Proof

Social Proof

Social Proof.

Re-posted in light of the new poll:

"The reason that the national Zogby Poll on 9/11 is so important can be boiled down to 2 words: Social Proof.

Social proof is the principle from sociology that many people will believe something if most other people believe it (see also this article). In other words, its the herd instinct.

The reason that the mainstream media has totally boycotted the real evidence contradicting the official 9/11 story, even though it is all over the Internet, is that the media owners know that if it doesn't appear on Fox, or CNN, or the other mainstream tv networks, many Americans will assume the social proof is that "everyone" accepts the official story. So they won't question it themselves.

But some 70 million Americans are now calling for a new, real 9/11 investigation. To put that in perspective, approximately 122 million Americans voted in the 2004 election. So 70 million is a fairly impressive number.