My Retirement from 911Blogger

Hello folks, I am officially retiring from today. I say "officially retiring" because I have been unofficially retired for some time now.

Over the last several months, I've just been too busy to make any meaningful contribution to the site, so instead of remaining a moderator in name only I thought it might be time to step aside and let others with more time and desire to step up.

I'm proud to have been a part of this since the start, from when DZ first talked to Jon Gold and myself about a new site idea he had until I came on as a moderator a few months later, I've seen this place grow to the premier Internet site for 911 news and activism. Looking back I remember having to search far and wide for any 911 related news; there was no mainstream coverage, no activism, no progress. Now we are bombarded everyday with big news stories, acts of civil disobedience by Truthers, and 911 Truth being pushed deeper and deeper into the mainstream thanks to the emergence of respected professionals from groups such as the Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

Not to mention Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, James Brolin, Willie Nelson, and many others. We have come a long way, never forget that.

Next time you see me here, I'll be a visitor, just like you, catching up on news. See you then!!!

Call To 911blogger Leadership. We are losing the infowars.

To start let me commend 911blogger for their tireless efforts. To get the show on the road so to speak. Many hours of hard work and brainstorming to pull it off.

After being a member for a litte over a month. It has become apparent to me. That your team is in a unique situation.
You have straved the niche of having the most up to date, and with a wide breadth, 9/11 news.

Your team has the ability to touch 1000s of truthers everyday.

I think it would be extremely valuable to the movement. For your team decide on some core missions. And ask us members
to come together and achieve a goal.

Jon Gold's 911truthstock is a perfect example. That will inspire. We also need some mini-goals. That we can drive the
movement in noticeable ways.

One idea is for everyone to team up. And start calling in on C-Span's Washington Journal. They often have open phones.
If enough people start calling. More will get through. And get the 911 truth into some kind of main stream media.

WJ is a place. We might get a fair shake. If we can get through.

7-10 EST
Call-In Numbers
Support Republicans:
(202) 737-0001
Support Democrats:
(202) 737-0002
Support Independents: