Sonia Sotomayor

SCOTUS Nominee Sotomayor said to be a financial crook, by Dr. Cordero; Repub + Dem Senators alerted, keeping their mouths shut

(This link between 911 and this report is not direct. I'm posting it because, besides the fact that it seems legit (based on minimal 'research' by me, I'll admit), it points to the systemic corruptions of the US government which makes a 911 possible. IMO, if you view 911 as yet another symptom of systemic corruption, rather than some sort of "key" that will make everything alright if only justice can be obtained for it, you will act differently and more effectively. A copy of my post at JREF follows. Please note that, since posting it, I have heard Dr. Cordero interviewed here, and he seems completely sincere, legitimate, and non-partisan. Cordero's home page is here.)

Does anybody know about allegations of criminality against Sotomayor, by Dr. Richard Cordero? I've scarcely looked at this, and have no idea about whether it's some politically motivated fraud or not. However, the Cordero guy is claiming impressive credentials, viz.,