Soviet Union


Read up on the collapse of the Soviet Union. It revolved around their food supply, oil supply and no funds. It is my guess that 911 is not spoken about because they know that the truth will not only bring down the United States government, but the world economy/dollar will completely collapse. This would leave the global, human network of food, medicine, water and other essentials in disarray. Our infrastructure is heavily fuel dependent unlike the Soviets who had complete public transportation. The Soviet government built all of the houses and transportation to those houses, so when they collapsed there was not a huge change in life. Many Soviets were hunters or farmers, so food shortages were buffered by this fact. Things are radically different here. If the oil supply collapses, our system will be in chaos.

Hey Bill, How Many Fox Viewers Think Saddam Had Something to do With 9/11?

Hey Bill, How Many Fox Viewers Think Saddam Had Something to do With 9/11? -

Steve Young


Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly was in a lather over a Rasmussen Poll that found 22% of American voters (35% of Democrats) who believe President Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened.

It was "madness," I tellya. "Madness," declared the no-spinster. How could this have happened? It could only be one thing. Well, actually a couple things that are behind pretty much anything Bill finds an opposing point of view....


....or who Bill knows as George Soros, the bastard who funded dissidents fighting to end communist rule in the Soviet Union. It is Soros, says Bill, who funds the hateful, smear-sites, which Bill knows as - the "notorious" media oversight website which provides unedited transcripts and sound of many of Bill's comments for free. Free and unedited, y'hear! How damn un-American can you get?!