Jesse Ventura in "Space Beams 2"

Editors Note: Dont miss Episode 1 of "Jessie goes Space Beams"

Jesse Ventura returns to the Alex Jones Show Tuesday June 7th and continues to ask Alex to consider beams as being the cause of toasted cars.

He also mentions "getting blasted by people" for bringing this up.

Jesse Goes Space Beams

I had a bad feeling about this.

I'm on the train listening to Jesse Ventura lose the last of his mainstream 9/11 credibility on Alex Jones.

About a month ago, Richard Hoagland was a guest on Coast to Coast, and he was thrilled that he had sent Dr. Judy Woods book to the other cast member of Predator who's held office, Jesse Ventura. I was hoping Jesse would lose it somewhere in Mexician surf. Alas that's not the case. Today he came out for spacebeams.

Today on the Alex Jones show, Jesse came out in favor of Dr. Judy Woods "microwave" theory.
Alex doesn't exactly call him out, but you can feel Alex discomfort.

I'll post the video when I get home, or maybe someone can in the comments.