Spanish press: bin laden dead foto a fake

In spain most of the press is pointing out that the foto of bin laden dead is a montaje of photoshop

El Publico : La imagen del cadáver de Bin Laden es falsa
La fotografía ya había sido utilizada con anterioridad y se trata de un montaje

HÉCTOR JUANATEY 02/05/2011 09:09
La foto del supuesto cadáver de Osama Bin Laden que ha circulado esta mañana por diferentes medios de comunicación españoles y del mundo es falsa. La imagen ya ha sido utilizada en ocasiones anteriores y se trata de un montaje hecho a partir de otra fotografía.

En varias páginas web (como ésta) se puede comprobar que ya había sido utilizada con anterioridad. Además, en YouTube, la misma captura aparece en un vídeo -ahora retirado- de hace dos semanas.

Entre otros medios, Pú también publicó durante unos instantes la fotografía, enviada por la agencia Associated Press.

In "El Mundo":

911 truth signs appear on all spanish media because of Bilderberg meeting in Sitges


We took all of our signs reading 911 Truth (and 311, 7J)  which means march 11 and june 7 (spanish and london bombings) outside the Sitges hotel where the Bilderbergs were meeting. This was covered by every major television and news paper in spain and as a result our signs showed up in all major media.  Here you can see them on russia today:

911 truthers in Madrid

Whenever a large manifestacion is organized in Madrid (this one was called by the unions to defend their pensions) , the 911 truthers make their presence known.

911 truth Madrid in front of "El Pais", leading newspaper

We put up our information panel and handed out information to all of the journalists coming in and out of "El Pais", spains leading paper. The object of our visit was to get them to cover the Niels Harrit event on Tuesday Lets hope it works.

911 truth in Madrid in Retiro park

We spend many saturdays and sundays in the main park of Madrid giving out information .

Zero to be shown in Barcelona and Madrid

In Spain we are showing Zero in Barcelona and Madrid

In Barcelona:
Friday March 13 - in a Engineering university
Monday March16 - in an important cultural center
In Madrid
Thursday March 26 2009- in a cinema

The director Francisco Trento will be at all the showings to discuss afterwards.
See trailer and details :

Information post about 911 you can create in your city

In Madrid we created an information post about 911 that you can easily fold up and carry from place to place, the crowds form around it immediately.

The last acquitted by the Supreme Court in Spain denies that the Leganés group committed Madrid Bombinbs

Note: 11-M is what is used in Spanish for the madrid bombings.
In Leganes the supposed terrorists alledgidly blew themselves up after the bombings when the police were at their door (one policeman died).
Italic text are my notes.
Translated by yours truly for
Orignial article:

MADRID .- First they said that he and his brother Moutaz were the brains of 11-M. Later, he was sentenced to 12 years and, last July, the Supreme Court acquitted him. Today he speaks for the first time in the newspaper El Mundo and considers that he and his family have become "the other victims of the 11-M" and that the confidants know much more about the attacks.

On July 17th he received the good news in the prison in Alicante that the Supreme Court was acquitting him of all charges and that he was a free man. This is an excerpt from the interview.

  • "If it were true that those who were on that floor had killed 192 people, how could they become friendly terrorists and wait until the entire building was cleared to commit suicide?".

911 truth appears on major tv station in spain at Spain for McCain event

This video shows the tv coverage on TeleMadrid first followed by our video

911 truth Madrid invades McCain act and get lots of press!

McCain (sounds like McDonalds doesnt it) had a rally here with about 20 people in Madrid, we (the 911truth group ) invaded and came out on tv, and press because our signs were so big they couldnt be avoided.
See us here on tv starting at minute 43
The rest of the links to articles in press (in spanish) are here:
Here is our video:

Wearing our message

Video of us in spain and what we wear: