The Black House On Pennsylvania Avenue

It appears that hell has finally frozen over. The extent of the US government's illegal conduct--its lying, scheming, cheating, torture, murder, sexual escapades, and covering up of criminal activities--is finally surfacing and it is breaking through the once calm, sleepy, uninformed U.S. like the tip of an iceberg from hell. Americans all over the country are now wondering when and how the government of the United States became the very thing that the Founding Fathers loathed and despised: a malignant government that is brutal, feared, drunk with power, secretive, completely unaccountable, negligent and dishonest to the hilt.

We have been heading in this direction since 1913, but under the leadership of the current decider and his family and co-conspirators, we, the Citizens of the United States now find ourselves plunged into a draconian form of government reminiscent of the Dark Ages.