Kitchener 911 Truth Street Action On December 11th 2008 Downtown K-Town Music by Ted Hawkins - The Constitution

Walking in downtown Kitchener passing out DVDs and information about the events on September 11th 2001 on December 11th 2008.

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Videos from the Northwest Truth Convergence, July 5th, 2008

Splitting The Sky Speaks: Truth To Power http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=8385141001501618901

International Law Expert Dr. Joan Russow, PhD:

The S.P.P. Should Be Declared Null and Void

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The Nation's Deathbed - A new Canadian Independent Documentary Film about the Security and Prosperity Agreement.


7/3/2008 TruthWire

The Nation’s Deathbed - A new Canadian Independent Documentary Film about the Security and Prosperity Agreement.

This Nation’s Deathbed exposes the SPP Summit and the protests of Montebello Quebec held in summer of 2007. The film offers the best explanation to date of, of what the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement actually is and what it’s grave implications on Canadian Sovereignty would be once fully implemented;

Marci Kaptur North American Union Cintra

Good background info regarding the NAU on CSpan:

Journey to the North American Union via the SPP

The day America Changed in many ways including the path for continental consolidation.

Part 1________________________________

The North American Union is a plan by stealth maneuvers of trilateral free trade agreements in the current form of The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which is an "agreement" between the three nations of North America officially announced on March 23, 2005, in Waco, Texas. By President Fox, Prime Minister Martin, and President Bush. The eventual plan is deep integration of United States, Canada, and Mexico into one region. One of the reasons that not too many Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, knows about this plan is, because it has been executed behind our backs and Congress on purpose.

February 16th Nationwide Protest for A Referendum Against the SPP

Canadians Hold a Nationwide Protest for A Referendum Against the Security and Prosperity Partnership

February 17th, 2008


Waking up to the NAU

On February 16th thousands of educated and awake Canadians took part in a nationwide protest against the SPP and NAU.

Through Facebook.com, a handful of Canadians were able to organize and coordinate demonstrations to be held simultaneously in more than a dozen cities from Fredericton Nova Scotia to Victoria BC. Tens of thousands of Canadians were awakened to the threat of the NAU as a result, and it has galvanized ordinary citizens to take part in grassroots political action.

9-11 Truth in Ottawa


Former Prime Minister Jean Chrètien is asked about 9-11, the North American Union and Bilderberg at a book signing in Ottawa.

Agents Provocateurs Deployed at SPP Summit

Graphic: imgstacke

Dear Alex Jones, et al,

That is me in the black shirt, with the 'Toronto 911 Truth' sign, & the megaphone.


I was well within earshot of the agents-provocateurs incident.


I have no doubt that your story is absolutely correct. I remember, at the time, telling people that "This was 'a small, street-level, false-flag operation' - JUST LIKE 9/11 !!"

The attached picture is a bigger, better, & higher-resolution one than the one in your original story(s);
(attached below)

9/11 Protesters at the SPP Summit

Thanks, Pat.

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by Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia

Sovereignty rhetoric contradicted by turnover of controls on military and immigration

"...The Security and Prosperity Partnership did not begin as a phenomenon after September 11, 2001. It was part of a trend that predates that time. But the proponents of North American integration seized upon 9/11 as an opportunity to advance their cause. And some of those proponents in Canada were very overt about their aspirations in the weeks and months after the terrorist atrocities in New York City and Washington, DC...

Michel Chossudovsky: Montebello SPP Summit: Canada's Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America

"Canada is already a de facto economic protectorate of the USA. NAFTA has not only opened up new avenues for US corporate expansion, it has laid the groundwork under the existing North American umbrella for the post 9/11 integration of military command structures, public security, intelligence and law enforcement.

No doubt, Canada's entry into US Northern Command will be presented to public opinion as part of Canada-US "cooperation", as something which is "in the national interest", which "will create jobs for Canadians", and "will make Canada more secure".

Ultimately what is at stake is that beneath the rhetoric, Canada will cease to function as a Nation..." - Michel Chossudovsky.

(Chossudovsky is scheduled for Carol Broulliet's radio show, Monday, August 20th.)

Montebello SPP Summit: Canada's Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America

by Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, August 17, 2007

Canadian jurisdiction over its Northern territories was redefined, following an April 2002 military agreement between Ottawa and Washington. This agreement allows for the deployment of US troops anywhere in Canada, as well as the stationing of US warships in Canada's territorial waters.

Following the creation of US Northern Command in April 2002, Washington announced unilaterally that NORTHCOM's territorial jurisdiction (land, sea, air) extended from the Caribbean basin to the Canadian arctic territories.

"The new command was given responsibility for the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, portions of the Caribbean and the contiguous waters in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans up to 500 miles off the North American coastline. NorthCom's mandate is to "provide a necessary focus for [continental] aerospace, land and sea defenses, and critical support for [the] nation’s civil authorities in times of national need."

(Canada-US Relations - Defense Partnership – July 2003, Canadian American Strategic Review (CASR), http://www.sfu.ca/casr/ft-lagasse1.htm

NORTHCOM's stated mandate was to "provide a necessary focus for [continental] aerospace, land and sea defenses, and critical support for [the] nation’s [US] civil authorities in times of national need."

(Canada-US Relations - Defense Partnership – July 2003, Canadian American Strategic Review (CASR),

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld boasted that "the NORTHCOM – with all of North America as its geographic command – 'is part of the greatest transformation of the Unified Command Plan [UCP] since its inception in 1947.'" (Ibid)


9/11 > the SPP > the "North American Forum" > the NAU

"The terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11th, 2001, and the ensuing disruption of North American commerce and travel have served as a reminder of the vulnerability to terrorism our three interdependent nations share. The ability of our societies to persevere and adapt to the 21st century security environment will depend on the degree to which we can extend our fruitful collaboration in the economic sphere to the domain of North American security. Future security arrangements need to be adaptive as well as anticipatory to provide an enduring environment within which the economic and cultural dynamism of North America can be sustained."

- Quote from the abbreviated agenda of the "North American Forum"

CEOs, NORTHCOM, and current and former members of the Canadian, Mexican and American governments are deciding how to transform their three countries into one entity, and you are not invited to join in the discussion.

9/11 has certainly accelerated certain aspects of this melding, especially the "security" part. Leader of the Canadian Action Party Connie Fogal, sees the roots of this drama starting with NAFTA:

Last night, Samuel Ettaro interviewed Fogal and Jerome Corsi about the North American Union, the parallels with the birth of the EU and the creeping police state. This is some damn good radio:

Fri., July 20, 2007

The Security and Prosperity Partnership launched by Bush, Fox and Martin was just an up-tick in a general trend of homogenization, and dissolution of sovereignty for the three nations involved in it. The architects of this plan are so spooked about the public having access to their meetings that they are going to set up a 25-kilometre security perimeter around the SPP meeting next month in Quebec.

Steve Lendman has just written a great introduction to the phenomenon here;

The Militarization and Annexation of North America

And of course, the Alex Jones crew has been on it for ages.

Big hats off to Ettaro for bringing together Fogal and Corsi for people to hear.

RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership

July 11, 2007

RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership

The Council of Canadians has been told it will not be allowed to rent a municipal community centre for a public forum it had planned to coincide with the next Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit in Montebello, Quebec on August 20 and 21.

The Municipality of Papineauville, which is about six kilometres from Montebello, has informed the Council of Canadians that the RCMP, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the U.S. Army will not allow the municipality to rent the Centre Communautaire de Papineauville for a public forum on Sunday August 19, on the eve of the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership Leaders Summit.