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Americas Closest Enemy

The information battle continues against 'Americas closest enemy' ........

Critical thinking and a greater understanding to current issues inspired me to write todays thoughts .......

Just like the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, shape charge explosive devices were planted in the twin towers and building seven of the world trade center complex, months perhaps years in advance.
Who's to say the same 'state sponsored terrorists' didn't plant explosives in other buildings throughout America for future events ?
Unfortunately for 'our closest enemy' and righteously so, most people are beginning to understand 'their' modus operandi.
People in greater numbers are starting to understand what state sponsored terrorism is, who benefits and what 'their' main goal is.
In my estimation, 'our closest enemy' will undoubtedly try and create another event to help achieve 'their' ultimate goal unless of course more and more people understand 'their' operational ways .....

Unlike the movie WAR OF THE WORLDS, these bombs weren't planted by aliens from a different planet. No way. They were planted by cowards who want to kill us and our national sovereignty.

Alleged Toronto terror plot included two police agents

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate and the Globe & Mail, the “Toronto terror cell” arrested in June for allegedly plotting massive acts of terrorism against Canadian targets included not just one, but two Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) moles. This second Muslim man in the pay of Canada’s security forces is said to have been involved in the accused terrorists’ alleged efforts to construct powerful explosives.

Following the early June arrest of 18 young Toronto-area men on terrorism charges, government and media sources repeated ad nauseam that only prompt action by the security and intelligence services prevented a major terrorist atrocity.

The authorities’ contention that those arrested posed a real and imminent threat rested on two claims—both of which have proven threadbare. On the one hand, they pointed to a “terrorist training camp” held in rural Ontario during December 2005. On the other hand, the Toronto men’s intention to put into action their terrorist schemes was said to be proven by their alleged attempt to buy large quantities of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, from which bombs can been be made.