Due to recent developments with my computer being hacked and Jack Blood being attacked, beaten up, and arrested by by police, I have decided to release my ideas early. I figured I better do it now before they stop me from doing it. Please do not listen to dis-info agents who tell you this will not work or who try to discredit me. Please read this entire statement and pass it on to everyone you know. Thank You…LUCUS

Hello to all you intelligent people who seek truth over lies and deception. You are here at this point reading to this for one of two reasons. Either you seek the truth or you seek to blind others to the truth. I want everyone to understand, I ask not to be a leader, I ask only to offer an idea to the people wanting answers. Claiming leadership in this movement only gets you discredited, slandered, or worse. This has to be a movement without a leader. A movement based upon the soul and heart of every person involved to bring forth the truth no matter how much dis-info is spread. I will relay my 2 ideas at the end of the address, but there is some things I need to say first. I ask you to please listen to my entire statement as you will not gain the total understanding of it unless you do. My ideas are solid and will have a domino effect on the population letting truth shine through.