Should we actively "recruit" government/military to become double agents on our side?

9/11 Blogger readers: I've added to all my articles henceforth a "Comment policy" to address our PSYOPS friends that you may find of interest; printed next after my overall policy recommendation. This strategy is to invite our "enemies/opponents" to embrace a "Scrooge conversion" and become our powerful allies from the inside.

Wouldn't the irony be beautiful if the downfall of our fascist self-appointed "masters" would initiate from controlled demolition as an inside job?

I welcome your ideas on this subject.

Policy response: Gandhi and Martin Luther King advocated public understanding of the facts and non-cooperation with evil. I’m among hundreds who advocate:

WeAreChangeLA on Street Activism– Suggestions for Organizing Effectively

By Katy Kurtzman and Bruno Bruhwiler

The realization that 9/11 was an inside job and that the global elite are on the fast track to a new world order is a potentially paralyzing downer. However, there is within the Truth Movement a joyous bunch. Street Activists; we are not a glum lot.

WeAreChangeLA has been in existence for two years now. In that relatively short time we have learned a few lessons. Both Bruno and I came to the job of organizing 9/11 Truth activities with some management and production experience, so we had a bit of a head start. Still, the people we serve are a passionate and demanding group of individuals, and we have made our share of mistakes. This article is meant to lay out what, in our experience, works. We hope that you will find it helpful with the organizing of your groups.

New (sort of) arguments against 9/11 truth and how to deal with them

Recently I have seen the following argument against 9/11 truth with increased frequency:

"I don't believe it was an inside job because they would have implicated Iraq, not Saudi Arabia, if it had been."

Another increasingly common one is:

"If it had been an inside job, they would have planted WMD in Iraq."

I think both of these arguments are a very good sign. They are a long way from what we used to hear---"Yous is a bunch of %^$#& freaks and nuts!"

Both of these arguments contain the assumption that it could have been an inside job and require their proponent to think from that point of view, thus taking the matter much more seriously than in the past.

I wonder if others have noticed this and what people think are the best really short answers to these two arguments.

Some brief thoughts on future "Week of Truth" campaigns

(I'm taking a quick break from two days of housecleaning so this will be brief and updated more fully, asap. Don't you love it when your "Martha Stewart" relatives visit?)

I've been following the Week of Truth process with great interest as I think this WoT campaign concept is an excellent way for the truth movement to leverage its diverse, disparate and geographically distributed demographic in a simple and yet profoundly strategic manner.

When considering future WoT campaigns I think we should keep in mind most or all of the following "guidelines":

1) WoT campaigns should involve something that at least 75% of people can agree on (i.e. no brainers).

2) WoT campaigns should be activities that can be done easily from just about anywhere.

3) WoT campaigns should not involve much expense or time investment (e.g. travel).

4) WoT campaigns, whenever possible, should be in support of our larger strategic goals (more on that soon).

5) WoT campaigns should involve direct actions that everyone can do and feel empowered by doing (i.e. they are making a real difference).

Would You Want to Know?

Given many people's strong psychological bias against questioning the government's version of 9/11, I wonder if an alternative approach might be helpful.

Specifically, psychologists tell us that many people project parental roles onto the government. Therefore, psychologists say, questioning the government is like questioning one's own parents. Because many people need to believe that the government is protecting them, believing that the government could carry out false flag terror is terrifying.

So psychologists say that if you just try to hammer people with facts, you probably won't reach many of them!

Instead, try starting with the following question (I'll explain why below):

We're adults.

But if you were still a kid, and your parents were abusing you, would you want to know or not?

Time for a to-the-table Dialogue/Debate/Discourse re: KW fallout, decisiveness vs. divisiveness, Strategy and Tactics

Ok, in terms of what I would like to call the 9-11 truth and justice movement, things are both gearing up in energetic momentum and spinning apart centrifugally at the same time. I think these are both good signs, if we are to pause for thought, dialogue and tactical talk, rather than ignore the signs of our moment and press forward willy nilly. The pitch of the talk about disinfo and how to engage it and/or disengage it is high. And rightfully so. There are many divisions and dischords right now, and some would say this is a good start in sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Being that we are a group of people that take such a thing as the idea of "truth" seriously, intense dialogue is very necessary. And the focus must be on ideas and an honest engagement of debate and dialogue both. The problems of unknown truth and undone justice around 9-11 that we seek to rectify can be explained as a problem of silence. The Official Conspiracy Theory people won't have it out with us in a vigorous and public fashion.

Back to Basics (Truth v. Lies)

In a recent blog, a highly placed truther (Griffin?) suggests ignoring the specific disinformation agents, and focusing on the historical record of disinformation tactics.

This may be more of an academic exercise than a public relations strategy, however.

I would suggest rather that we instead frame the issue on our terms (in places where a mainstream audience dwells). This would render the "theories" moot and irrelevant.

1. Validating the need for truth.

How many lies can you find uttered by high ranking government officials? We should start a web page with just that debunking of official statements. My own favorite is Ari Fleischer aboard air force one on 9/11: "No warnings."

2. Similarly, we have the omissions, the substantial facts that were never investigated. Another page could list exhaustively all the omissions we can find. Griffin's work is excellent in this regard.

3. The synthesis: They lie, so we want the truth.

If we can prove dishonesty, omission, and worse, we are vindicated. We retain the high ground, as well as a solid grounding not based on flights of fancy, opinion, or deception.

How many of us here @ 911 Blogger are guilty right now of misprision of treason, seriously (that includes you too trolls)?!!!

I posted a blog entry yesterday about the strategic possibilities of treason trials ( Part of that entry was also a reminder that knowledge of treason, such as the 9-11 variety that we all know of comes with specific legal responsibilities in this country. One again, from wikipedia: "In the United States, misprision of treason is a federal offense, committed where someone who has knowledge of the commission of any treason against the United States, does not inform the President, a federal judge or state Governor or judge (18 U.S.C. § 2382). It is punishable by a fine and up to 7 years in prison."

A Call to do our Constitutional Duties and Initiate Treason Trials by Discharging Misprision of Treason

A Call to do our Constitutional Duties and Initiate Treason Trials by Discharging Misprision of Treason

Congress is so deeply ensnared in meaningless political maneuvering and complicit, cowardly silence around things that matter that Reverend King would declare the soul that inhabits the Capitol Building in the outright throes of death. But we must and do remember, I think, that the Congress is but a shadow of the real sovereign power of this Constitutional Republic, We the People, and more specifically and accurately, You and I the Persons. Individual Human Beings "endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights" are the fundament of legitimate power under our form of government. But, as we know, along with rights come responsibilities.

Everybody reading this site, I imagine, (except for agents, provocateurs and the willfully ignorant) have pragmatically, intellectually and spiritually begun to discharge their duties of reporting and remedying the unpunished treasonous acts of which we have knowledge. However, I doubt there are many of us who have actually fulfilled our legally-binding, constitutional obligations specifically outlined by the concept of '"Misprision of Treason." I know I haven't. From wikipedia: "In the United States, misprision of treason is a federal offense, committed where someone who has knowledge of the commission of any treason against the United States, does not inform the President, a federal judge or state Governor or judge (18 U.S.C. § 2382). It is punishable by a fine and up to 7 years in prison."
Full entry @

Organizing and Orchestrating the Rise of People Power and the "Fall" of 2007

Being that 'our' Congress has now shown its full hand about its willful impotence in dealing with treasonous war criminals complicit in mass murder, it is now clearly all about the power and avenues for strategic action of We the People. After Congressman Conyers chose to arrest some of our great patriots in this country, rather than push forth the process of impeachment which was laid out by the Founders to be used, regularly if necessary, in the case of mismanagement, conflicts of interest, unbecoming behavior and general ineptitude, it should give us serious pause in thinking about our strategic way forward. The entire administration is a conflict of interests. George Bush and Dick Cheney are the biggest racketeering corporatists in history. Mussolini could not have been prouder. But, I guess the Democratic Party is more interested in playing politics (stupidly and impotently I might add) than saving the Constitution of our Republic and the lives of our soldiers, the Iraqi people, the Iranian people and all the people who will soon be consumed in the total war of terror if we dont pull the plug quickly. Se La Vi, especially in what has become an all out District of Criminality. So what are we gonna do, give up and die?!

Of course not. Many if not most of us in the 9-11 Truth and Justice movement never had much if any confidence in our current crop of politicos in the first place. The 9-11 Truth and Justice Movement is a profound example of a people power movement, from the underground books that sell like crazy and the blogger armies, to the monthly street actions around the world and the guerilla infowar confrontational specialists. With much work to do between now and then, especially so we don't get false-flagged again, September 11th IS a big day, both symbolically and practically, for the movement. From the calls for a General Strike to the massive gathering planned that entire week for NYC, we can make that day the beginning of the coming "Fall" of 2007. There is resonance in fairly recent history for the rise of people power to bring down tyrannical regimes in the fall. In the fall of '89 two peaceful revolutions were thrown in totalitarian communist Eastern Europe:

A Proposal for Taking Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

This is a response to Lucus, David Slesinger and others call to hone our strategy and points of pressure, so that we can win.

I have a powerful feeling that the ideas which have been presented here represent the potential trimtab for the 9-11 Justice movement. Buckminster's Fuller's use of the concept of the trimtab needed to help turn the rudder on a masive ship, such as Earth, is related to the ideas of accupressure/puncture. Find the spots with the most bang for the buck.

BBC Part 2

Now that Richard Porter of the BBC has explained that, "One senior fire officer was quoted in a subsequent interview as saying there was a 'bulge' in the building and he was 'pretty sure it was going to collapse'." And named this senior fire office as the primary source behind the premature report of WTC 7's collapse we need to be careful and reasonable in our response.

We need to know the name of this fire official, discover if this official was interviewed by FEMA, and discover precisely what sort of collapse he anticipated given the reported bulge in the building.

We might be able to use this BBC blunder to gain access to information that has been withheld up until now, but in order to do that we have to recognize what it is we're after.

Forget NP, forget CD.. It's time to start summarizing the most concrete 9/11 evidence for mainstream consumption

Recent political developments due to the midterm elections are cause for concern to the 9/11 Truth Movement, and it is a good time to rethink strategies for the manner of communicating the most relevant information. This article details the importance of effectively summarizing information for potential newcomers to the movement, as well as explaining why it is not a good idea to focus on controlled demolition and no plane theories.

Time to Summarize the Most Concrete Evidence

Following is a list of topics which could be considered to have concrete evidence of government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, relying mainly on declassified documents, mainstream media reports, as well as audio and video testimony by key individuals...

- prior examples of government sponsored terrorism
- prior stated intentions related to the attacks
- prior knowledge of the attacks
- blocked investigations before the attacks
- behavior during the attacks
- blocked investigations after the attacks
- disinformation put out about the 9/11 Truth Movement

Most, if not all of the necessary information exists in order to form an airtight case for government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, however the information is generally not being properly summarized and presented for consumption by mainstream newcomers. It is not enough to communicate only to those who are already familiar with the issue.

For example, try this.. type "summarize 9/11" into Google. Obviously some information is showing up, but where are the hundreds of different summary pages which need to exist? This is a problem!

Manhattan Neighborhood Network : Truth for a Change.

I was interviewed last week for the show "Truth for a Change" and
it was aired in NYC this morning
I will be doing it again this Friday.