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911 Truth Activities - New York Convergence 9-11-2008 COMPLETE

14 continuous play videos (if i did this right) of highlights of several days of street actions at Ground Zero and in lower Manhattan Sept 2008
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We The People Will Get the Truth Out About 9/11

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Alex Jones bullhorns the Bilderberg traitors - June 2008

Alex Jones bullhorns Bilderberg in an attempt to bring attention to the scene of the crime in Chantilly, Virginia. The corporate media refuses to report on a secret meeting of over 125 of the global power elite. Our forefathers have warned us repeatedly about defending our liberties against the power elite. The Revolutionary War that led to our Constitution was fought to free the American people from the control of the bankers of England who wanted to control the currency used by the colonies, just like the Federal Reserve illegally controls the American dollar, and thus our economy, and thus our lives, and thus the lives of our children.

WeAreChangeLA -

Google video "ENDGAME"

PART 3 of 3: WeAreChangeLA MORE freeway blogging

WeAreChangeLA uses our giant blue banners for Freeway blogging once again! The same CHP officer drops by for one more visit and fishes for information. What should you do in such a situation? Watch to see how WeAreChangeLA handles themselves when challenged! And we alerted thousands more LA commuters to the 9-11 Truth movement!

¡WeAreChangeLA utiliza nuestras banderas azules gigantes para el blogging de Autopista una vez más! El mismo oficial de CHP deja caer por para otro visita y pesca para la información. ¿Qué debe hacer usted en tal situación? ¡El reloj para ver cómo WeAreChangeLA maneja a sí mismo cuando desafiado! ¡Y pusimos sobre aviso miles más viajeros de LA al 9-11 movimiento de la Verdad!

PART 2 of 3: WeAreChangeLA MORE freeway blogging

During our freeway blogging, with our massive blue banner, a special soul stopped by for a visit. Ferenz lost a good friend in one of the towers on 9-11, and he tells us his story, and he shares his feelings about what we are doing.

Durante nuestro blogging de autopista, con nuestra bandera azul masiva, un alma especial parada por para una visita. Ferenz perdió a un amigo bueno en uno de las torres en 9-11, y él nos dice su historia, y él comparte sus sentimientos acerca de lo que hacemos.


PART 1 of 3: WeAreChangeLA 5-30-08 MORE freeway blogging!

WeAreChangeLA uses our giant blue banners for Freeway blogging once again! The wind was strong, the traffic was weak, and both the CHP and the Santa Monica Police Department stopped by for friendly visits, but we stood our ground, made new friends, and alerted thousands more LA commuters to the 9-11 Truth movement!

This is PART 1 of 3. Stay tuned for PARTS 2 and 3 because they are worth the wait. : )

¡WeAreChangeLA utiliza nuestras banderas azules gigantes para el blogging de Autopista una vez más! ¡El viento fue fuerte, el tráfico fue débil, y el CHP y la Policía de Santa Monica parados por para visitas amistosas, pero nosotros nos mantuvimos nuevos amigos hicimos firmes, y pusimos sobre aviso miles más viajeros de LA al 9-11 movimiento de la Verdad!

Esto es la PARTE 1 de 3. Permanezca afinado para PARTES 2 y 3 porque ellos valen la espera.

WeAreChangeLA 5-21-08 freeway blogging

On Wednesday, May 21, 2008, WeAreChangeLA had two huge visibility street actions and outreach using our enormous blue banners on a freeway overpass over one of the busiest parts of the 10 freeway. Tens of thousands of cars passed underneath our banners that day.

The CHP dropped by to put a stop to our outreach, and we had a productive conversation with them. In the comments under our last freeway blogging encounter with the CHP, Robin Hordon had suggested that we ask for a citation the next time that the CHP ask us to leave. Asking for a citation was the central theme of our entire encounter with the CHP this time...

PART 1 of 3:

PART 2 of 3

911 Truth Tucson Street action for May 11, 2008

May 11th occurs on a Mother's day Sunday, so we elected a more "passive" approach.

Let's Push David Ray Griffin's Book "9/11 Contradictions" At Media & Congressional Buildings/Offices With Street Actions

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I read David Ray Griffin's book, 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press. I feel this book is a great source to have as we try to convince others that these contradictions are serious matters that need to be investigated. I made a flyer from information I found on the internet that lists these 25 major contradictions and which also gives an opening paragraph that clarifies the seriousness of some of these contradictions. Here's the information on the flyer:

9/11 Contradictions:
An Open Letter to Congress and the Press
By: David Ray Griffin

In The Face Of John McCain With 9/11 Truth & ImpeachBush Protesters

John McCain Political Campaign Rally Milwaukee, WI 2/15/08

We gave the John McCain supporters a heavy dose of 9/11 Truth and many ImpeachBush activist
came down to PROTEST at Serb Hall in Milwaukee. It was cold, but it was worth the trip. The McCain
supporters came out in the cold just before he arrived and blocked the path McCain was taking to get
into the hall. They then proceeded to shout us out so McCain wouldn't see or hear the protesters. I had
a large 9/11 Truth banner stuck in the snowbank (thank the Snow Gods for all the snow we got) that
was very observable from the street. I think McCain got a whiff of our presense despite the tactics of
his supporters. I know for a fact his supporters learned about us or they wouldn't have made the effort
they did to block us.

I want to make a note about the Milwaukee police officers that were put in charge of this detail. A few of
the protesters stepped on private property, they were not on the public sidewalk, and they were
warned not to do it again and to keep moving while they were protesting.
The officers were respectful of our right of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION given to us by our

2nd Annual Milwaukee/Lake Michigan Tea Party For 9/11 Truth

We held our 2nd Annual Milwaukee/Lake Michigan Tea Party For 9/11 Truth and we did it in mountains of snow and subfreezing temperatures. We barbequed the 9/11 Commission Report and the following acts: * Project for the New American Century
* USA Patriot Act II
* Military Commissions Act (2006)
* Martial Law Presidential Directive 51
* S 1959 "Violent Radicalization and
Homegrown Terrorism Prevention
Act of 2007

We had a march on Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Milwaukee and after that we barbequed the above reports and acts and then we dumped the ashes into Lake Michigan. Check out the pics we have here:

Take Care Matt
Founder of: Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth

Remember Remember The 11th Of September

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
We got out on Milwaukee, Wisconsin's main street (3rd & Wisconsin Ave) today Monday, Oct. 29th to distribute our Trick Or Truth brochures to the public. We only had an hour but we caught the lunch crowd and distributed over 200 brochures. This brochure cover can be printed on and we added the 9/11 Truth information on the inside. I think it helped that we didn't have any large 9/11 truth poster signs because we got 90% of the public to take our flyer. They seemed to like our V For Vendetta costumes and our constant chant "Remember Remember The 11th of September" . All in all it was a great lunch hour. Take Care Matt

9/11 Truth Takes To The Streets In The Chicago's "Stop The War" Rally October 27th, 2007

We made sure we got our message across to the thousands or marchers in Chicago. The Illinois State Police (big sticks in hand) and the Chicago Police were everywhere. The Lonelantern Society and Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth were present. It was great to see so many anti-war protestors in one place. I can only hope these events get bigger and more numerous. Take Care Matt

WeAreCHANGE Maryland visits the Baltimore Inner Harbor

(When action every eleventh is great but leaves you hungry for more...)

Earlier today, four members of WeAreCHANGE Maryland took 9/11 truth to Baltimore's main tourist attraction. Expecting rain but determined to take action nonetheless, we were pleased to be greeted by sunny blue skies.

Never have we received more supportive honks, waves, and pumped fists than we did today. We had a few middle fingers flipped at us -- tourists! -- but that's an acceptable consequence of taking a stand on this controversial issue.

We arrived with about 80 DVDs and 100 flyers and we left with approximately nothing.