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Evil Rudy Giuliani Appears In Milwaukee, WI & Meets The V For Vendetta Guy

Rudy Giuliani came to Milwaukee on Oct. 18th, 2007 to raise money for his campaign. On September 24th, 2007 Rudy Giuliani called President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an enemy of America. He also said,WE SHOULD NEVER REMAIN SILENT WHEN EVIL MAKES AN APPEARANCE. Many 9/11 Truthers know Rudy Giuliani to be an enemy of America and evil. We used his stated words and did not remain silent when he made an appearance in Milwaukee on Thursday, Oct. 18th at the University Club 924 E. Wells Street. A few of us met up at the park that is right across the street from approximately 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The $1000.00 luncheon started at 12:30 PM. We used our constitutional right of freedom of assembly and made some noise as his guests arrived. We had a huge 8 foot banner with Rudy's Words on it. On one side it said, " RUDY, WHO TOLD YOU WTC BUILDING WOULD COLLAPSE ? ABC NEWS REPORT. The other side said, "WE SHOULD NEVER REMAIN SILENT WHEN EVIL MAKES AN APPEARANCE". When Rudy arrived he couldn't miss our banner and our loud mouths and I'm sure his assistants informed him. I also was wearing a V For Vendetta costume to make things more fun. Take Care Matt, Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth,

Street Action at The National September 11 Memorial Tour in Cincinnati

The Columbus and Cincinnati 9/11 Truth Groups met for some street action at the National September 11 Memorial Tour in Cincinnati.

Here's the video:

I also posted of the unedited video of the opening ceremonies. You can view part one and part two. Part one features a speech by Cincinnati City Manager Milton R. Dohoney, Jr. Part two features a letter from Sherrod Brown and a speech from Steve Chabot. All of the Cincinnati Area Truth group video is here.

Cincinnati Street Action

The Cincinnati area has a 9/11 truth group. Who knew?

Here's a short video I made near the end of the event. The crowd was slowing down, and we were about to head home, when I started filming this video. Next time I'll make a point to take more pictures.

Here's a run down on our September 11, 2007 action. First, at about 10:00 AM, we met at a major interstate exit heading into he city, and had a few signs. One said "9/11 truth ends this war... Free DVDs here." Lots of people were stopping, looking for some information. We handed out many DVDs.

Atlanta911truth Street Action 8/11/07

The Atlanta911truth street action in front of and around the CNN center and "freedom" park in Atlanta.


The upcoming anniversary of 9/11 is going to be an important one, for many reasons.

We Are is attempting to make this the biggest event yet for 9/11 Truth.
There will be featured guest speakers like Alex Jones, John Feal, Aaron Russo, and Dylan Avery.
There will be a TruthConcert featuring Remo Conscious, Dave Cahill, Roy Shivers and (hopefully) Immortal Technique.

...And the premier of Loose Change Final Cut, for the world to see.

Visit the new website for all the details.

Hardcore Milwaukee Street Action Fun Video To Watch Enjoy!

Hello Truthseekers and Truth Tellers,
A few of my friends did this on 7/7/07 in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the kind of mischievious behavior we need to do more of.
Take Care Matt

Video: Big day for street action at Ground Zero - 11/18/06

40mb MOV - 911podcasts mirror
40mb MOV - mirror
48mb WMV - 911podcasts mirror

This video has some priceless moments. There were a coincidentally large number of activist at Ground Zero that day, and we took full advantage of our unified presence. Our resident debunker was also present, doing his best to represent the 'official conspiracy theory'. We even got the message on live TV, and captured the angry response of the news correspondent. The day was challenging and inspiring.