Strother Hammond

Pasco State House candidate raises questions about 9/11

Pasco state House candidate raises questions about 9/11
Tampa Bay Times July 1, 2012 - LAND O'LAKES — The five-year anniversary of 9/11 approached, just one month away. Strother Hammond sat at a computer, his fingers hovering over the keys, his mind churning. He tapped out a message, hit the enter "I believe 99.991% of America knows 911 is a lie deep down, but they just need the bucket of water dumped on the witch," he wrote. "This is critical to remember. As soon as everyone realizes that everyone else is wondering the same thing, the truth of 911 will sweep through like a thief in the night. He said he found a poll reporting that 36 percent of Americans didn't believe the explanations of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It took only 33 percent of colonialists to incite the American Revolution, he said. In the "about me" section of his profile on the website, he tapped out, speaking to a forum of like-minded bloggers, "I strongly believe that 9/11 was an inside job. We have to seek the truth and let it be known to the world. That was six years ago. Sitting last week in the kitchen of his airy home in Land O'Lakes, Hammond said he had been angry that Ground Zero was not treated like a crime scene. He paused, said he didn't support the war in Iraq and disapproves of America's "constant state of war."His political consultant, Danielle Alexandre, sat next to him at the kitchen table, her brow furrowed. She put out a hand before he said more. Any opinions held by Hammond concerning foreign affairs and national issues are moot, she said, since he is currently running for Pasco's District 37 seat in the Florida House of Representatives, where he would be concerned with state issues, not national ones.

Whatever his beliefs in 2006, his 2012 initiatives are outlined on his website, strother Many of them concern national affairs and the federal government. Continued...