Structural Engineer

A Structural Engineer Discusses WTC Collapse Theories

A Structural Engineer, Charles N. Pegelow, was a suprise guest on Jim Fetzer's radio program today (August 24, 2006).

Listen to the archived program; Jim Fetzer's "Non-Random Thoughts" - Thursday, August 24, 2006 (Pegelow is in the 2nd hour, David Ray Griffin in the 1st hour.)

...and hear the guy speak for himself.

His resume;

B. S. Civil Engineering 1972, Lamar University
B. S. Mathematics 1972, Beaumont,Texas


Present: FULTON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY - private consulting engineer/ contract

1998: Contract Engineering - Paragon Engineering Inc. (Houston, TX)
1) Shell Nigeria onshore gas gathering compressor flow stations and pipeline export station.
2) Mozambique - offshore field development and design for 4 caisson platforms and one central gas export caisson platform.

1997: Contract Engineering - Reading and Bates (Brownsville, TX)
Structural / construction project engineer for the upgrade of Rig 41 for 1000 meters drilling depth. Engineering, construction, scope of work for the support steel for the riser turn-down sheaves, substructure reinforcement, and many miscellaneous structures.