Author of 9/11 Conspiracy book dead in alleged murder-suicide

Phillip Marshall Wrote About a Conspiracy; Was He the Victim of One?
By Editor
February 6, 2013

Former airline pilot Phillip (alternately, “Philip”) Marshall spent a great deal of time around Santa Barbara last year preparing for the release of his controversial 9/11 conspiracy book “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror.”
Calaveras County officials said conspiracy theories about the deaths are growing on online comment forums below stories about the incident. Many of these stem from Marshall’s involvement with the CIA as a contract pilot in the 1980s and the books he wrote about 9/11.

Freddie Mac chief found dead of apparent suicide

The acting chief financial officer of struggling US mortgage giant Freddie Mac has been found dead after apparently killing himself, police say.

Fairfax County Police said there was no foul play suspected in the death of David Kellermann, found in his home 20km (13 miles) west of Washington DC.

The 41-year-old had worked for the company for 16 years and became chief financial officer in September.

Freddie Mac was bailed out by the US government last year.

Police were investigating the death after being called to the house just before 0500 local time by Mr Kellermann's wife.

"We were called from inside the house to come investigate an apparent suicide," a Fairfax police spokeswoman told local media, according to AFP news agency.

US media reports said Mr Kellermann was found hanging in the basement of the house.

Freddie Mac's interim chief executive John Koskinen said the death was a "terrible personal tragedy."

"David was a friend to many in the Freddie Mac family, and we mourn his passing," he added.