Verifiable Media Reports Raise Questions on 9/11

[GW's comment: The following brief summary, prepared by Fred Burks, is what originally got me interested in questioning 9/11 years ago. It is also what first got David Ray Griffin interested in 9/11 truth. Burks has just updated his summary.]

Verifiable Media Reports Raise Questions on 9/11

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911 Summary Article has Been Expanded

Please take a look at the recently expanded News of Interest.TV article which summarizes many 9/11 related issues such as past examples of government sponsored terrorism, prior warnings, drills before and during the attacks, the money trail, government officials questioning 9/11, and the activity of key individuals on the day of the attacks.

Much of the information in this article is a compilation of the works of individuals such as Alex Jones, Paul Thompson, and Alan Miller. This article is broken into many pages, each covering a different aspect of the issue. This project is a work in progress, new content and sections are being added almost daily.

You may view the article here:

Forget NP, forget CD.. It's time to start summarizing the most concrete 9/11 evidence for mainstream consumption

Recent political developments due to the midterm elections are cause for concern to the 9/11 Truth Movement, and it is a good time to rethink strategies for the manner of communicating the most relevant information. This article details the importance of effectively summarizing information for potential newcomers to the movement, as well as explaining why it is not a good idea to focus on controlled demolition and no plane theories.

Time to Summarize the Most Concrete Evidence

Following is a list of topics which could be considered to have concrete evidence of government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, relying mainly on declassified documents, mainstream media reports, as well as audio and video testimony by key individuals...

- prior examples of government sponsored terrorism
- prior stated intentions related to the attacks
- prior knowledge of the attacks
- blocked investigations before the attacks
- behavior during the attacks
- blocked investigations after the attacks
- disinformation put out about the 9/11 Truth Movement

Most, if not all of the necessary information exists in order to form an airtight case for government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, however the information is generally not being properly summarized and presented for consumption by mainstream newcomers. It is not enough to communicate only to those who are already familiar with the issue.

For example, try this.. type "summarize 9/11" into Google. Obviously some information is showing up, but where are the hundreds of different summary pages which need to exist? This is a problem!

New 9/11 summary page

I would like to introduce a web page created for the purpose of introducing and summarizing 9/11 questions to newcomers who are not yet familiar with the topic.

News of Interest.TV is a human interest website which combines summaries of important political information along with helpful interesting and entertaining content.

News of Interest.TV's 9/11 page makes use of select audio and video clips relying heavily on the works of Alex Jones, along with reprints of information from such websites as and Alan Miller's website

You may find website here:

News of Interest.TV's 9/11 page is here: