9/11 Truth and the Tuskegee 40 Year Coverup by Erik Larson

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9/11 Truth and the Tuskegee 40 Year Coverup

Hello all human beings; I’m publishing this first at TruthAction and TruthMove; all feedback is appreciated, especially the pointing out of factual errors, unclear statements, typos, run-on sentences, (I know, I have a problem) etc. If you think of any other good points to make, or a better way to word something, or if I’ve wasted words anywhere, let me know. Thanks! In a day or 2, I’ll publish this at and you can check the html links, if you’re interested.

Some say that 9/11 couldn’t have been an “inside job” because a coverup would be impossible; someone with inside knowledge would blow the whistle on such a horrible and criminal operation. The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment is one example of policy and decision makers in US federal, state and local governments conspiring to commit and cover up crimes against humanity; the “experiment” was in progress, and kept quiet, for 40 years.