Under the banner of Truth

Suppose the Truth Movement was to widen it's scope somewhat ? What if we take the issue of the unconstitutional income tax under our Truth banner ? The illegal income tax issue is as big a lie as 9/11 if not much bigger and as such falls naturally under a Truth designation. Everybody should watch the movie 'From Freedom to Fascism' by the recently deceased Aaron Russo. These are a cpuple of clips but there are more out there on Youtube (for now).


Framing aided by repetition, psychologists report

Framing aided by repetition, psychologists report

Better to refute adversaries' slogans with different, positive statements than to repeat them in an attempt to disprove

Psychologist Norbert Schwarz has found it reinforces untruths to repeat them, even when refuting.ANN ARBOUR, MI, Sept. 27, 2007: New research confirms that repetition of "myths" and slogans helps lodge them in the minds of the public and that refuting them often leads only to the public remembering falsehoods better. Instead, they tell us that "education campaigns with an 'affirmative' message," even if it is a negative message, are far more effective in defeating an adversary's frame.

University of Michigan social psychologist Norbert Schwarz has done experiments showing that people remember things they hear repeated often enough, regardless of its source, and even if it's from a single source.

There is more of interest in the article at: http://www.harperindex.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=0098

Mike Zimmer

BBC Part 2

Now that Richard Porter of the BBC has explained that, "One senior fire officer was quoted in a subsequent interview as saying there was a 'bulge' in the building and he was 'pretty sure it was going to collapse'." And named this senior fire office as the primary source behind the premature report of WTC 7's collapse we need to be careful and reasonable in our response.

We need to know the name of this fire official, discover if this official was interviewed by FEMA, and discover precisely what sort of collapse he anticipated given the reported bulge in the building.

We might be able to use this BBC blunder to gain access to information that has been withheld up until now, but in order to do that we have to recognize what it is we're after.