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20 November 2010

George Galloway Endorses Call for New 9/11 Inquiry

George Galloway endorsed the objectives of Reinvestigate 911 on his mass audience show on Talksport Radio this morning. George grilled Ian Henshall from Reinvestigate 9/11 for some 15 minutes on the need for a new 9/11 inquiry. Galloway remained doubtful of any inside job conspiracy but agreed there were serious unanswered questions which merited a new inquiry. Henshall summarised the main areas of concern as the astonishingly rapid collapse of the three World Trade Centre buildings and the discovery of apparently engineered nanoparticles in the dust; the anti-hijack exercise that the Pentagon now admits it was conducting at the same time as the attacks; and the role of the CIA's top secret Osama bin Laden unit which did nothing to help and seems to have blocked FBI offices from their own investigations prior to 9/11.

William Rodriguez on UK radio: "TalkSPORT"

On June 11, William Rodriguez gave a great interview on one of the most popular talk radio shows in the UK, "talkSPORT". talkSPORT is broadcast and digitally piped to nearly 2.5 million listeners in the UK.

Rodriguez has many dates planned to speak in the UK;

Download 36.4 MB MP3 here;

(Interview begins at the 54:45 mark.)


Alex Jones on TalkSPORT in England

Alex Jones and David Shayler on UK radio show "Talksport" with
James Whale available here: