Israeli Intelligence Group Continues Faking Osama Bin Laden Tapes


Glenn Zarmanov

The website itself:


The SITE Intelligence Group is a not for profit terrorist research institute run by Rita Katz. It is the successor organisation to the SITE Institute which closed in 2008. The focus of the organisation according to information provided on its website is the provision of a subscription based Monitoring Service detailing the following:

1. Entire translated transcripts of terrorist leaders’ speeches, videos, and audio messages, as well as the original video and audio messages.

2. Translations of terrorist books, magazines, fatwas, and military training manuals.

3. Translations of terrorist communiqués, including copies of videos and audio messages associated with the communiqués.

Flight 11 Picked Up South of WTC By NEADS Controllers at 8:47

I was going back through the NEADS tapes we released in 2007 and discovered something a little strange ...

DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

08:46:15: New York told me to hold on, you heard that, right?

08:46:36: Come on New York. (Dooley again) You know what, you know what, let's
get a tail number off of for American 11. (Roundtree) Call Boston, American 11 tail
number. (Dooley) Tell them we need the tail number of the aircraft, (male voice)
American one one. (Roundtree to New York) Yes it is, (right now he's primary only.)
Do you have Mode 3 or anything? Or a location? (Fm not showing anything, no.) Lat
Ion? (Hold on, I'll get a lat lon.) Good.


08:47:05: (Dooley?) We're going to get an updated lat Ion now. (to background
question) We called Boston his filed one [Mode 3] was 1443, but he's not working that,
he's primary only, we're getting an updated lat Ion position. (I'm showing 40 39 North.)
40 39 North. (74 03 West) 74 03 West.

08:47:35: End of HUNTRESS call to NY AMIS


If you input that Lat/Long into Google Maps ...

BBC claims wtc7 tapes lost is a lie!!

After the storm that was the discovery of the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 up to 40 minutes before the actual event, the BBC claimed that the recordings of the newscast were "lost".
This was a damage limitation excercise and an attempt to buy some time for the whole scandal to blow over, it didn't work.
The BBC is a corporation funded by the British people hence any data including recordings are the property of the license fee payers of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
To withold this data from its legal owners (license fee payers) is an offence under the data protection act.
When a FOIA request for the recordings was made the BBC confirmed the loss of the recordings and used this as an excuse to deny the disclosure of said information, however the individual making the request contacted the information commissioner to complain that the BBC had lost the recordings and was therefore liable to be prosecuted under the data protection act and barred from holding data (this would be catastrophic for such a large corporation).