9/11 on TruTV Wed 12/9

What has been reported to be one of the most fair and balanced television presentations on 9/11 is set to air tomorrow night on TruTV. The show, Conspiracy Theory, hosted by former Governor Jesse Ventura, has already been determined to be the most popular show ever on TruTV since the first episode aired last week. The first episode was on HAARP, the 9/11 episode will air tomorrow.

New Show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory - 9/11 episode
Premiere On: Wed, December 9 at 10P eastern / 9pm Central
Jesse Ventura steps into America's most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9/11 Commission Report and searching for evidence that the September 11th attacks may have been an inside job. At the urging of victims' families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by explosives, the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered and ground control knew the hijackers were in the cockpits before the jets took off. TV-PG-V

The Television Archive: A library of world perspectives concerning September 11th, 2001

Direct link to 9/11 TV coverage:

Press Release:
The events of September 11th affected the entire world. Reactions around the globe have been captured in this archive of television news broadcasts from the period following the attacks (currently being hosted at the Internet Archive).

View the Television Archive’s September 11th Collection, which contains three days of around-the-clock footage from six networks, or see the summary video.

Please regroup here the world's television coverage on 9/11. Will they talk about nano-thermite?

Herblay FRANCE

Simple question : Do you think the French National television this week are going to inform the french on the active Nano-Thermite found in the WTC débris ?

If not should we manifest outside these stations to pressure them into informing our populations on the Nano-Thermite ?

Below I have put the programmes between the 7th and 12th Septembre 2009 on the French national televisions concerning 911.
Perhaps it would be possible to collect all the world's télévision programmes on one blog entry like here.



°1 lundi 07/09/2009 20h35 France 3 "102 minutes qui ont changé le monde"
102 Minutes That Changed America

°2 jeudi 10/09/2009 22h50 France 2 " 11 septembre : dans les tours jumelles"

°3 jeudi 10/09/2009 22h25 M6 "Vol 93 "

°4 vendredi 11/09/2009 20h45 CANAL+ "World Trade Center"

°1 _ _ _ _ _ lundi 07/09/2009 22h25 France 3 "102 minutes qui ont changé le monde"

LA Times- Review: 'New World Order' on Independent Film Channel

Posted in full for posterity; Fair Use, as this is about the 9/11 Truth Movement:,0,1175219.story
Review: 'New World Order' on Independent Film Channel

The film focuses on Texas-based radio host Alex Jones and some of his peers, who are on a mission to expose what they believe to be a massive conspiracy that threatens the world.

A documentary listens to believers in government plots and ill-intentioned cabals.

By ROBERT LLOYD, Television Critic
May 26, 2009

“New World Order,” which premieres today on the Independent Film Channel, is a film about people battling with phantoms. They are volunteers in an "information war" who see as clearly, as John saw his four Apocalyptic horsemen and seven trumpeting angels, that 9/11 was an "inside job," that the military-industrial complex killed Kennedy, and that an international "power elite" is plotting to enslave us all, excepting for those it will kill outright.

My Challenge To Discovery Channel MythBusters

I went to the MythBusters forums to submit a show idea related to steel-framed building collapses only to find the following information:

"Please, do not post show ideas that are 9/11 conjecture. They will be removed as they are reported.

Curious, I emailed them about this:

Allusion to 9/11 Truth on "Sleeper Cell"

The pop culture critic for the Toronto Star, Vinay Menon, referenced the recent episode of "Sleeper Cell" that alludes to 9/11 Truth. Menon quotes the following line of dialogue:

"What idiot could believe that Osama bin Laden and his cave-dwelling Muslim militia managed to outsmart the CIA, the NSA and the Pentagon unless Uncle Sam was behind the whole thing?"

I don't know the context of these comments. Menon's article is otherwise a delusional meditation on how realistic "Sleeper Cell" is.

Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy - Video Download

Tonight Southpark focused on 9/11 conspiracy in their latest episode. I say 'focused on' quite loosely in that 9/11 conspiracy was really a sort of side show to the episode, and not the entire focus. While the episode covered some of the more common 'conspiracy theories', it didn't go into much detail on anything substantial in relation to the growing movement of those that question 9/11. Looking back on the last 2 years of my personal involvement in this subject I would have to say this is probably the largest, but definitely not the most even-handed, coverage given so far to 9/11 skeptics.

I would feel remiss if I didn't make at least a few suggestions to those that will happen upon this site for the first time and then totally forget about it, and write off everyone who questions 9/11 as crazy. I hope if this is your first time to hear of 9/11 'conspiracies' that you might spend a few minutes of your time to look over a few things

  • Click here to see a large number of credible patriots who openly question 9/11
  • Click here to watch a new documentary focused on the family members who are disgusted by the coverup of 9/11 (official website)
  • Click here for the most complete timeline on 9/11 before, during, and after

If anything positive comes out of this Southpark episode I hope it is a desire for individuals to do some research on 9/11. I also hope that these individuals will realize that while some that question 9/11 may be 'crazy' (like in any grouping), it would be absurd to think that everyone who questions 9/11 is (or even a large percentage of the 40%+ who think there is a coverup are), and equally as absurd to think that our current government's corruption and willingness to lie somehow don't apply to 9/11.

Update: digg it!

New Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy this Wednesday Night

Simuvac posted a blog entry today regarding a new South Park episode airing this Wednesday night at 10PM EST. The trailer for the new episode is available now via the link below.

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce -

The world’s biggest conspiracy of all time will finally be uncovered when Eric Cartman exposes the true culprit behind the September 11th attacks. No one in South Park is safe from the people who are the real brains behind the 9/11 conspiracy. When Kyle and Stan hit the road in search of the truth, they come face-to-face with the masterminds who pulled off the most elaborate, intricate and flawlessly executed operation in American history..

It should be noted that the trailer that aired tonight ended by showing a drawing of Kyle holding a knife on the projector with Cartman saying 'and you almost got away with it, butthole' which isn't in the trailer available for download.

Senators Threaten to Revoke Disney's TV License Over 9/11 Lies

Here's the story.

This is all just partisan nonsense, since the Democratic Senators are upset only because the ABC mocumentary criticizes Clinton (and we all know that the Democrats and Republicans both carry out false flag attacks; see this chart.)

But this gives me an idea. Why doesn't the Senate threaten to revoke the license of all of the mainstream media companies for lying non-stop about 9/11, and failing to give fair coverage to the many credible people saying -- and facts showing -- that 9/11 was an inside job?

Should we start a campaign to revoke their licenses (unless they start accurately covering 9/11 and false flag terror in general)?