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Absurd Terror Threat Arises in Mid-term Home Stretch

Absurd Terror Threat Arises in Mid-term Home Stretch

Kurt Nimmo
October 2, 2010


(Please see infowars link above for video clips and exhaustive sublinks. A good read)

Intelligence agencies — legendary for staging numerous false flag attacks — are warning that Osama bin Laden has issued instructions for Mumbai-style attack on three European targets.

Earlier in the week U.S. officials issued a warning that Osama and crew would strike once again. The new plot, emerging suspiciously close to U.S. mid-term elections and coinciding with the Pentagon’s illegal murder campaign in Pakistan, is said to “credible but non-specific.” The new plot was supposedly revealed by a suspect undergoing “interrogation” at the Bagram torture facility in Afghanistan.

“Investigators believe al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden signed off on a European attack plan, a separate law enforcement source said. But U.S. and international officials say they have seen no sign of an imminent attack,” CNN reported on September 29.

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