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British Drilled Airliners Crashing Into Buildings in 1968

British Drilled Airliners Crashing Into Buildings in 1968


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Monday October 01, 2007

Film about "political" events in London, 1968.

TOPOFF 4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Noble Resolve seems to fall into the category of a Functional Exercise, and Top Off seems more of a Full-scale Exercise.

This provides a wealth information which will be useful in the preparation for the next round of terror drills in Portland, brought to you by the terrorism agency, Department of Homeland Security!!

Wonder if Congressman DeFazio will have gained access to the classified parts of NSPD51 by October?!



TOPOFF 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the TOPOFF Exercise Series?

Terror Drills in different communities

The following was posted by my friend, Styve. There is one simple fact about terror drills. Terror drills place the host community at risk of another 9/11. That will be my focus from now on.

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Date: 2007-07-29, 5:23PM PDT


Portland is scheduled to host two terrorism drills, run by Dept. of Homeland Security, during the months of August and October. You may have read that Peter DeFazio, an Oregon congressman, was denied access to some classified DHS information pertaining to Bush's Continuity of Government, and he is still pushing for that access. He is a member of the DHS oversight committee, so when we put two and two together...we are very concerned that these terror drills could be used to mask a false flag operation that Bush/Cheney could use to justify an attack on Iran. See http://911blogger.com/node/10275, for the letter that we sent and some other information.

Audio of Webster Tarpley's Speech in San Diego, 7/8/07

This is an mp3 recording of Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking in San Diego on July 8, 2007 on the transforming political landscape in America. He stressed the importance of inserting 9/11 Truth into the 2008 presidential campaign with grassroots media activism.. He also articulated how 9/11 truth can be the fulcrum point for pushing the tide in a positive direction. Hot off the successful transcending of both left and right at the July 4th Philadephia Emergency Anti-war Convention, Mr. Tarpley goes into the details of a new unified political vision; saying no to false flag GWOT (aka TWAT), no to wars with no end, no provocations with any nations, tax honesty, etc. one hour, 58 min., 27.2 MB
Direct Download: http://bang.calit2.net/rasd/system/files/WebsterTarpleyJuly82007San+Diegopart1.mp3

Part Two:

False Flag Terror Drill in Portland, Oregon: Operation Noble Resolve

Portland was already chosen as the site for Mohamed Atta's luggage tags. Is "Little Beruit" in for something more?

MSNBC reported today that: Report: Al-Qaida nears ability to strike U.S
Draft intelligence assessment says group seeks chemical, nuclear weapons

Michael Chertoff's "gut instinct" warns of al-Queda attack in US: "al Queda likes summer"

War "games" are used as a cover for false flag terror attacks. http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/07/362110.shtml

This is real. My "gut level" feeling is that Al CIADA might attack Portland's exemplary public transportation system. Let's buy monthly or weekly passes in support of TRIMET, whether we ride or not.

Is this a drill or will it "go live" like the London Bombings and 9/11?
Let's express our concerns to our local Mayor and City Council: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/07/362024.shtml


White House Rehearses for a Domestic Attack Today: Newsweek

According to Michael Isikoff at Newsweek, "The White House is staging a high-level exercise Saturday (today) to test responses to the prospect of a massive domestic terrorist attack involving IEDs (improvised explosive devices)—the same deadly roadside bombs that have been used by insurgents against the U.S. military in Iraq...."

"As part of the exercise, the officials will be handed a thick binder which lays out a scenario involving simultaneous terror attacks by “sleeper cells” of 20 to 25 individuals each dispersed in five cities across the country: New York, Washington, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. The officials will then be tested on how they direct their respective agencies to respond. “We’ve designed this to overtax the system, to push the system beyond the breaking point,” said one senior administration official familiar with planning for the event, who declined to be identified talking about it before it takes place...."

Debunking Popular Mechanics series: The "Real NORAD" tapes


" This is a rough cut of an up comming series on "Debunking Popular Mechanics". The 911 book they released was researched by "suspicious chatacters" and just added to the controversy and questions that already sourround 911. This is an attemp to try and set the record straight with facts. It will prove that NORAD was not the "bubbling idiots" that Popular Mechanics would like to portray them as........ www.pumpitout.com -- recorded for historical accuracy 013007 - 013107"